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Why put off ’til tomorrow what you can get done today?  Procrastination.  There certainly are days in my life when I think I should have a PhD in procrastination.  I’ve got lots of ways to keep myself busy when faced with what I label a ‘daunting’ task.  I check and re-check my email.  I get something to drink.  I straighten up my office.  I pet the dog.  I play a video game.  I ‘chat’ with friends, either by phone or electronically.  I grab a snack.  I do internet ‘research’.  I update my to-do list.  I take a little walk…..and on and on and on.

Two important questions related to procrastination are 1) why procrastinate and
2) what outcome are you looking for?Procrastination certainly is one way to put off or delay dealing with a difficult, challenging, frightening, new or frustrating task.   Unfortunately, most of the time, it also results in additional stress (either immediately or eventually), more frustration, confusion, stopping you in your tracks — you get the picture.  So why do you procrastinate?  Fear? Overwhelm? Confusion? Not knowing what to do?

And then there is that pesky “what outcome do I want” question, isn’t there?  If the difficult, challenging, frightening, new or frustrating task is one that will move you closer to your goal of building a successful business, you’ll have to tackle it anyway.  So why not try something more efficient and less stressful?  The next time you’re tempted to procrastinate, take stock of  what’s going on, why you are procrastinating, and what you want to accomplish by completing the task you’re trying to avoid.  Then decide if it’s going to move you forward or not.  If not, delete it from your to-do list and move on.  If it will move you forward, do whatever it takes and get it done.  You’ll be glad you did.


Choices and Choosing

I love to look up words in my “old” (1983) hard copy of Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary.  At first glance, it was humorous to note that the definition of  choice included “the act of choosing.”  And, the definition of  choose  included “to make a choice!”  Reading further, however, I also found that choice means “the voluntary act of selecting or separating from two or more things that which is preferred; or the determination of the mind in preferring one thing to another; the right or power of choosing; care in selecting;  judgment or skill in distinguishing what is to be preferred; the best part of anything.”  And, the definition of choose includes “to pick out by preference from all available; to select; to prefer; to decide; to exercise the power of choice; to do as one pleases.”

We make choices all the time.  Even when we decide there is no choice, we are making a choice.  We exercise our power by choosing what we do, who we share our time with, how we feel, what we think about, how we react to situations and circumstances, and how we invest, share and save our money every day, both in business and in life.

So how do we choose?  How do we know what is preferred?  How clear are we about the results we want from the choices we make?  When we choose, how often are we guided by old stories, fear, the inner critic in our heads, habits, or the opinions of others rather than what will bring us success, prosperity, joy, peace and fulfillment?

Choose today to hone your “skill in distinguishing what is to be preferred.”   Get clear about what is important to you and what you really want to create.   Then, choose those actions, thoughts, and people who can help you make it happen.

A little something about this blog

Initially, I thought I was going to write something today about how Practice Makes ????? — something — because I know it most certainly doesn’t make ‘perfect’!  Nothing does!  However, it occurred to me that my ‘first’ post from earlier this week, really didn’t say much about what I’m hoping to do with this blog so I thought I’d take a few moments and take care of that.

First of all, I want to assure you I’m not creating this because I dream of writing a novel.  I’m blogging so you can get a glimpse of who I am and what I’m about.  I’ll be sharing stories from my life, links to helpful information, audios of conversations with some of my favorite folks, my thoughts,  some photos, and, yes, some tips for success in business and in life.  I’ll let you know about teleclasses, live classes or other offers that you can take advantage of.  I’d like you to get to know me.   And, I hope you’ll reach out and add your thoughts and comments, so I can get to know you, too.  I want to share ideas about the ways in which each of us can live our lives to the fullest, support and encourage ourselves and each other, and just make the world a better and more joyful place.  I believe that all of us —  women and  men — are entrepreneurs/business owners.  Some of us have businesses that generate income (or perhaps you are wishing it would generate income!) and have a Federal Tax ID number.  Others are the owners of the business of  our own lives.  It’s true!  You are the CEO, the President, the Chair of the Board and the owner of your life.   So, as Dr. Phil might say — how’s that workin’ for ya?

Secondly, I want to let you know that when you are facing challenges in your business or your life, I would love to hear from you.  Let’s face it, whether in business or life, we’re all going to face challenges at some point in time.  We can be stressed, frustrated, angry, confused, overwhelmed and, sometimes, downright terrified!  The joy of coaching, is that I have tools that we can use together so you can learn how to minimize those stressful, confusing, overwhelming, scary times and enjoy more of the good stuff you really want in your life — more love, a greater sense of peace, more time to do the things you love with the people you love, more money, and more fun!  All it takes is willingness on your part to try something different and a note to me, and we’ll get busy.

So, there you have it.  And, that article about Practice Makes ????? ……   Stay turned.  I’ll be writing about that next week.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

It’s Valentine’s Day!  A day of hearts, kisses, cards, love, candy, flowers and more!  One of my favorite Valentine’s Day treats is a yummy red Velvet Cheesecake from Slivinsky’s Bakery in Kearney, Missouri.  That’s a ‘before’ photo of the cheesecake taken as we finished lunch today.  I won’t share the ‘after’ photo!

So what does Valentine’s Day have to do with your business?  Well, just like in your life, it’s about LOVE!  What do you love about your business?  For me, I love coaching.  I love to help someone look at a problem or a challenge from a different perspective.  I love to help my clients get crystal clear about what they really want.  I love to help my clients imagine possibilities they’ve never considered.  I love to help my clients plan for success.  I love to help my clients push through obstacles and make forward progress.  I love to help my clients heal their relationship with money so they have more of it in their lives.  I love to celebrate each milestone my clients reach.  And, I love to help my clients grow successful, prosperous businesses so they can live the lives they’ve been dreaming about.

And what about your life?  What do you love about your life?  I love my husband, my family and friends, my horses, dogs and cat, where I live —- well, you get the drift.

What about you?  What do you love about your business or your life?  Let me know.  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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