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I am sincerely amazed and astounded by the quick passage of time.  The ‘plan’ was to have registration for HAPPY HOUR WITH JEAN open by last Thursday at this time.  Obviously, some technology gremlins decided it should take an additional week.

Nonetheless, REGISTRATION IS OPEN! for this month’s FREE! HAPPY HOUR WITH JEAN telecall, “Clean Up Your Money Clutter,” scheduled for Thursday, May 31 at 5pm Eastern/4pm Central/3pm Mountain and 2pm Pacific. 

This call is for those of you who are womenprenuers or the CEO’s of the business of your own lives and you are

  •  frustrated with your income level OR
  • afraid to check your bank balance OR
  • tired of paying late fees on your bills OR
  • feeling guilty or embarrassed about overspending OR
  • unable to have a civil conversation with your honey about money


you’re ready to clean up your money junk so you can enjoy a successful, prosperous life!

During the call you’ll receive some practical tips and ideas about ways to curb your unconscious, self-sabotaging money habits, clean up your money clutter and begin to create new, empowering money practices so you can make and keep more money, have more fun, and live the life you truly want to live!

PLUS……I’ll be sharing information about an exciting opportunity for you to keep the momentum going by tackling your most challenging money issues, healing old money wounds and learning how truly standing in your power around money can positively affect other areas of your life!

You don’t want to miss it – so SIGN UP  RIGHT NOW! to be a part of HAPPY HOUR WITH JEAN and join us for “Clean Up Your Money Clutter” on May 31.

Can’t make the call LIVE?  That’s OK — sign up anyway and we’ll send you the recording.

Questions?  Drop me a note at

Talk with you soon!


Happy Hour with Jean — SAVE THE DATE!

Hey everyone!

Who doesn’t love HAPPY HOUR?  A time to kick-back, relax, maybe enjoy your favorite beverage, chat with friends… that’s just what we’re going to do!  Mark your calendar because we’re kicking off

HAPPY HOUR WITH JEAN  Thursday, May 31, 2012
at 4 p.m. Central

We’ll meet virtually for 45-60 minutes once a month.  So, you can join us from the comfort of your home, office, your car, poolside, beach-side or wherever and……come as you are and wear what you want!  All you need is a phone.

And why should you be there?  Because you absolutely will NOT want to miss the opportunity to be part of a motivating, inspiring and just-plain-ole (-and-young) – FUN group of folks!

Sometimes I’ll share information on a particular topic, sometimes we’ll host an interesting, engaging and informative ‘guest,’ and sometimes we’ll just throw open the line for some great conversation and questions.

The call on Thursday, May 31 at 4 p.m. Central is called “Clear Up Your Money Clutter.”    You’ll want to be on the line if you, or someone you know, is tired of worrying about money, sick of the money drama in their life, frustrated with their income level and ready to do something different.  I’ll be sharing practical tips and ideas on creating new, empowering money habits that can transform your relationship with money, increase your self-worth, and help improve your relationships with loved ones!

So, put  Thursday, May 31, 4 p.m. Central on your calendar, tell your friends, and stay tuned….we’ll be open for registration SOON!


I saw a post on facebook this morning that talked about walking away from the things that no longer serve you, help you grow or make you happy.  Personally, I think that’s a great idea.  Realistically, my experience has been that walking away really didn’t change anything.

Take money, for instance.  There have been times in my life when I tried to walk away from my money issues.  I was so afraid of checking the bank balance or figuring out where my money went, that I decided I just wouldn’t look. And, guess what – nothing got better.  As a matter of fact, as the credit card balances went up and the bank balance went down, I worried all the time.  I cried.  I avoided my friends and family.  I even told myself that if I didn’t shape up, I’d be homeless!

Then I had an amazing opportunity to participate in a training program that changed my life.  It gave me the tools to deal with all the emotional money stuff I’ve learned and lived out. AND, it also gave me new, practical tool that I could use to take control of my money.  WHAT A RELIEF!  There’s no longer worry, fear and crying.   Instead I am truly joyful for all that I have.  Plus – here’s the BEST PART:  I’m now able to help other women who are afraid, tired of their money drama and ready to make a change, ACTUALLY MAKE A CHANGE, TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR MONEY AND THRIVE!

So, here’s a suggestion.  Instead of focusing on the things you don’t want, look for what you do want and head that direction.  I would love to help you end your money worry, money drama or get rid of your money fear.  If you’re tired of worrying about paying your bills, wondering where the heck your money goes every month or why you haven’t been able to generate the income you want and you’re ready to take control of your finances, get in touch with me at

And, here’s your thought for the day:

Love yourself enough
to embrace the
thoughts, actions, feelings,
people, places and spirit
that serve you,
help you grow,
encourage you to share your gifts,
and bring you joy!

–  Jean Morehouse

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