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I’ve been away.  Since my absence from this blog, there’s been a lot of water under the bridge.  Spring must be just around the corner, because I’m again feeling a surge of energy, a sense of renewal, and a desire to get back in the saddle and post some thoughts and ideas on this blog.

Plus, I’ve been posting on my Facebook page by the same name, Tips for Success in Business and Life and realized today that I’m actually writing blog posts with my daily tips.  Today’s tip is about giving something up (those things that keep us from thriving) and taking something on (thoughts, ideas, actions, etc. that help us prosper) and I decided the first thing I would give up is the notion that posting on this blog is hard!  Instead, I’m adopting the thought that it’s easy to share a few words on here at least twice a week.  So……HELLO AGAIN!  And, here’s today’s contribution:

In my spiritual journey, today is Ash Wednesday, a day that marks the beginning of the season of Lent.  Some people see this as a time of year to give up pleasurable things as an act of contrition.  I wonder what would happen if, instead of giving up something pleasurable, each of us sacrificed those things that aren’t working in our lives, that keep us stuck and stop us from thriving.  And, if we renewed ourselves by ‘taking on’ actions, thoughts and ideas that help us develop healthy and joyous relationships and live as the brilliant and gifted humans we were created to be.

TODAY’S TIP:  Give up something today that is keeping you from thriving and take on a new behavior or thought that will help you live a joyous, prosperous, successful life!  FOR THE ADVENTUROUS:  do this for the next 40 days and keep a list of what you are giving up and what you are taking on each day.


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