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Do What You Love

I’m a fan of Barbara Sher, a speaker, career/lifestyle coach, and best-selling author.  I enjoy her wit, her gift with words, her imagination and her common sense approach to life.  One of the things she says repeatedly is, “Do what you love.”  Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?  Why then, don’t we?  We get so busy with what we ‘have’ to do or ‘should’ do or what we’re ‘supposed’ to do that somehow what we love gets put on the shelf, shoved in the closet or buried so far underground, we can’t even remember what it was!

I love to spend time with my horses.  They make me laugh, make me think, help me relax, encourage me to exercise, strengthen my problem-solving skills and build my self-confidence. Time with them is an investment in my success in lots of different ways.

What do you love?  TODAY’S TIP:  Spend some time doing what you love today, even if it’s just 10  minutes.  You’ll be glad you did!


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