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Joyfully Jobless

Joyfully Jobless sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?  If you’ve been downsized, your company has gone bankrupt, you moved to a new city and are looking for employment, you’re struggling to pay your bills because you can’t find a job, “joyfully” jobless seems like an impossibility.  However, for people who are self-employed and doing what they love as a way of generating the income they want (whether their business provides the majority of their income or not), “joyfully” jobless is a more than appropriate description!

Author, speaker and world traveler Barbara Winter is sharing her experience and expertise in living joyfully jobless  across the US this year.  I attended her three-part workshop in Houston, TX this past weekend.  Here’s the testimonial I sent to her earlier today:

Thank you, Barbara, for a fantastic Joyfully Jobless Weekend in Houston, TX.  The event was filled with encouragement and helpful, practical tips, insights and information about living a joy-filled life.  The wattage above my head increased exponentially with each segment of the workshop.  I came away bursting with energy, ideas, enthusiasm and hope that I can successfully create and live the life I choose and knowing some new friends who will enthusiastically support me in this endeavor!

If you want to become part of an entire community of joyfully jobless folks, learn creative ways to generate income,  to hear success stories, be inspired, stretch your brain, get out of the box and THRIVE, I suggest you go directly to, clear your calendar, enroll in one of the workshops and BE THERE!  If you live in the Kansas City area, Barbara will be here September 6 & 7.   Oh yes….while you’re at it, be sure to read her book, Making a Living Without a Job: Winning Ways to Create Work that You Love.  It’s a great start to living joyfully jobless.

TODAY’S TIP:  Pay attention to your dreams.


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