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Snow Day and Choices….



We’re having a major snowstorm here in the mid-west today.  The forecasters are predicting we may have twelve inches of snow or more!  We’ve also got some stiff winds and the temperatures are in the low twenties.  Definitely not a day that I want to spend much time outside.



While I was feeding the horses breakfast, I decided to keep the door in the arena open just in case they want to take shelter out of the storm.  As I peer out of my office window, I can barely see them through the blowing snow as they finish up the hay in the pens.  It will be interesting to keep an eye on them to see what they decide to do today.  Will they choose to stay outside and endure the elements?  Will they get out of the wind by standing in their three-sided shelter in the pasture?  Or, will they decide to get out of the elements completely and hang out in the arena?

Choices.  We make them every day.   TODAY’S TIP: Make choices that will move you closer to the success and prosperity you desire.






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  1. And they decided to….?

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