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Weathering the Storm



The snow has stopped falling.  With the drifting, it’s hard to tell just how much snow we had.  I’m guessing about 6 inches.  The drift directly in front of the house is about 19 inches high.  We’ve got a bit of wind, but no blowing snow, so it’s just a white, chilly wintry day.

And, yesterday’s lesson from the horses?  They chose to stay outside in the storm.  I could see them periodically running through the pasture with their manes and tails flying, rolling in the snow and spraying it everywhere, chasing each other and kicking up their heels in sheer joy as the wind howled and the snowflakes flew.  Then they would disappear into their shelter, probably to rest, warm up and catch their breath before another outburst of joyous play.  The lesson, reminder and gift for me in yesterday’s snow day:  find those moments every day to kick up my heels and play, regardless of what’s swirling around me.  What did you learn?

TODAY’S TIP:  Kick up your heels and have some fun!  Have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!


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