For bodacious womenpreneurs who want to make more money and have more fun!

From  Parelli Natural Horsemanship: “It’s more than just about the horse. It really dips into the personal development side of things. You learn about yourself, you learn about communication, about leadership, about truthfulness, about consequence and responsibility. You learn about love and imagination. The horse becomes the animal that tells you the truth about yourself in all these categories.” – Linda Parelli
JJ and Jean
That’s why I love to share my horses.  They are fantastic, non-judgmental teachers.  I offer 1/2 day and full-day retreats here at the ranch for anyone who wants to take a break from their crazy, hectic life and gain insight into their communication, leadership, and life skills and reconnect with their passion and purpose.  Just a few hours with the horses could have a huge impact on your life in a very good way.  Contact me at for more information and to schedule your retreat.

TODAY’S TIP:  Identify the places in your business and your life that you’d like to change for the better, then contact me and let’s see how we can make that happen.


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