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What a Difference……

The herd enjoying the snowSunday was a beautiful day here.  The sun was shining.  Temperatures were in the upper thirties.  I was able to enjoy a ride in the snowy pasture.  The horses were working on their tans.

Then 48 hours later, it’s Snowmageddon #2 in the winter of 2013.  I checked three different weather forecasts to get a sense of what to expect.  Let’s just say the one that indicated we could get 3-5″ of snow Monday evening and possibly 1-2″ this morning was a little off.  When I went to feed the horses a couple of hours ago, I trudged through hip-high snow drifts (that would be 25″ mounds of snow) in 30 mile per hour winds.  Looks to me like the ones who predicted 12-16″ of snow were lots closer to getting it right.Breakfast at the snowy buffet

When you think about what you want to achieve, what have you done in the past 48 hours that moved you closer to your goals?  What will you do in the next 48 hours?

TODAY’S TIP:  Do something that will make a positive difference and move you closer to living the life you truly want.


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