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Bit by Bit

I ran a 5K yesterday.  Well, according to the news folks I ran a 5K yesterday.  I heard earlier this week that shoveling your sidewalk after the kind of snowfall we just experienced is like running a 5K, so I ran a 5K yesterday.  It was perfect shoveling weather — not that frostbite cold that causes me to bundle up so only my eyes are exposed but warm enough that I worked up a mild sweat under my bulky coat as I shoveled.  The snow was heavy and wet this time so it was physically impossible for me to load up a full shovel, scoop it up and lift it to the side.  Instead, I had to chunk large globs off, then pick up smaller bits and move them a little at a time.  I gotta tell ya, I really wanted to quit more than once.  My arms got tired, progress seemed slow and it felt like I was never going to get finished.  Then I’d challenge myself to do just cleared sidewalkone more chunk, then one more chunk and finally — SUCCESS!  I’d cleared a path from our front door to the driveway.

Seems to me,  this is part of the formula for success in business and life.  You have a goal and step-by-step you move toward it.  I know lots of marketing gurus talk about getting the ‘big bang for your buck’ and making a ‘huge impact’ and reaching thousands of potential customers at one time.  And, it really is great when that happens.  However, I believe it’s equally important to take those small steps, keep going and take some time to celebrate each one along the way.  Just like my snow shoveling challenge yesterday, when you stick with it, the small bits add up to your success.

TODAY’S TIP:  Acknowledge each of the small steps you take today toward reaching your goals and celebrate every tiny bit of forward progress.

Oh…and by the way, when I reached the end of the sidewalk, I did a little dance holding the snow shovel overhead and singing the “Rocky” theme song.  It felt great.Success!


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