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The Normal Day

I’m a fan of Dr. Robert Holden, author, speaker and coach.  He’s got a great daily inspiration called “Shift Happens.”  I just love that title! If you aren’t already on the email list, you might want to visit his website and sign up.  Dr. Holden’s areas of interest include happiness and success intelligence (or authentic success).  I wonder how different the world would be if we all knew how to define success in terms other than the culturally imposed definition related to the accumulation of money and possessions and that’s what we worked toward.

Here’s one of my favorite “Shift Happens” inspirational reminders from March 28:
Today is just another normal day full of miracles, gifts and opportunities.

TODAY’S TIP:  Enjoy your normal day and watch for miracles, gifts and opportunities.  Have a fantastic Saturday!


Friday, the Journey and Sacrifice

This past week, we started on a path to make our dreams a reality.  Today, though, I’m wondering how we might have veered off, gotten sidetracked, hit a rough spot, decided to turn around and go back, ran out of energy, stepped in a hole, been afraid to take the first step or exactly what is happening.  Where are you in the journey?  What’s your next move?

For millions of Christians around the world, this week has been about a journey as well.  It’s the time of year when we recall the journey of a man who was born in a barn, lived a life filled with love, served the outcast and the poor, and died so that believers might have eternal life.  Today is the day we remember the sacrifice that man made for the atonement of our sins.  It’s a reminder, too, that in order to continue the journey to live into our dreams, we’ll have to sacrifice as well.

Some people think this means giving up things we love to do, or sacrificing our time, relationships or giving up material goods.  Personally, I think it’s sacrificing all those self-defeating stories, beliefs and actions that keep us stuck, make us veer away from our dreams, and sometimes are so strong, they prevent us from ever getting started.

So, how about it – what are you going to sacrifice so you can make your dreams a reality?

TODAY’S TIP:  Figure out where you are in your journey toward making your dreams a reality and what self-defeating story, belief, or action you want to sacrifice so you can continue to move forward.  Have a productive Friday!

An Inquisitive Eye

Moving along in our journey to making our dreams reality, let’s do a quick re-cap:

Dream Muscles:  imagine what you want
Bliss-O-Meter:  the higher your dream is on the bliss-o-meter, the more energy you’ll want to invest
Steppin’ Out: taking action

OK.  You’ve completed the first three steps toward making your dream a reality. Today, let’s take a look at what happened when you took action yesterday.  Was yesterday’s activity a success or a failure?  Did you accomplish what you wanted or did it flop?  Were you encouraged or are you thinking about throwing in the towel?

inquisitive-eye-smWhen you examine what you accomplished (or didn’t!) yesterday, why not use an inquisitive eye?  For the most part, I think we’re taught to judge rather than assess when it comes to our actions.  The questions we use are versions of the ones I posted above.  It’s an either/or analysis.  How would it change things for you, if you used the following questions to assess what you did?

What did I hope to accomplish yesterday?
What happened?
What did I learn from what I did yesterday?
What was helpful about it?
How did it support my dream?
In what ways did it energize me?
What was not helpful about what I did yesterday?
In what ways did it drain my energy?
In way ways did it move me further from my dream (rather than closer)?
What could I do differently?
What other things might I try?

TODAY’S TIP:  Use an inquisitive eye to assess the actions you take toward making your dream a reality.

Dream Muscles, Bliss-O-Meter, Steppin’ Out

On Monday, we were working out and building our dream muscles.  Yesterday, we ranked our dreams on the Bliss-O-Meter.  Today, it’s time to take action!  Yup.  That simple.  Did you have a single item or a bunch of stuff on your dreams list?  What ranked the highest on your Bliss-O-Meter?  There’s the place to start.  Do something today that supports making that piece of your dream a reality.  And, have fun with it!

How does that sit with you?  Which of the following best describes your reaction to the suggestion that you actually do something today that supports making your dream a reality:
YIPPEE, SKIPPEEE — I’m gettin’ started right now!
Well, I’ll see if I have time today — maybe tomorrow.
What?  I don’t know what to do!
AAACCKKK!!! Are you crazy? I can’t do that!

For the YIPPEE, SKIPPEEE crowd:  way to go!  Please post your dream and what you did below so we can celebrate!
For the Maybe Tomorrow crowd:  Please post what you plan to do tomorrow.
For the I don’t know what to do crowd:  Please post your dream below and we’ll all share ideas and suggestions.
For the AAACCCKKKK crowd:  Contact me at  I love to inspire people to take courageous action so I am ready to support and encourage YOU!

Have a great Wednesday!!

TODAY’S TIP:  Do something fun that moves you closer to making your dream a reality.  And post below to let us know what you did!

The Bliss-O-Meter

In yesterday’s blog post and daily tip, I encouraged you to build up your dream muscles by imagining all the things you’ve got on your bucket list, those things you daydream about, the list of things you’d do “If only……”.  How did that go? Was it easy?  Did you censor yourself by writing things down then taking them off the list or crossing them off the list because you think you’ll never be able to make them a reality?  Do you have one item, one hundred items or something in between? Did you keep the list?

Well, today, I’d encourage you to pull out the list from yesterday (or if you didn’t write down your dreams, take a few minutes and do it right now) and go through each one of the items.  Where would you rank them on the “Bliss-O-Meter”?  When you think about how much fun it would be to do that activity or make that piece of your dream a reality, is it an “Oh, that would be OK,” is it a “That would be the best thing E-V-E-R!!!,” or is it somewhere in between?

Stay tuned…..we’re gonna keep moving toward making your dreams a reality in the days ahead.  And, please do post your comments below.  I’d love to hear what you’re discovering!

TODAY’S TIP:  Rank the items on your bucket list (see yesterday’s post Dream Muscles) on the “Bliss-O-Meter” from “Oh, that would be OK” to “That would be the best thing E-V-E-R!!!”

Dream Muscles

I’m looking out the window at the beautiful snow scene that is my yard and I’m thinking it’s another day of working out in the house.  I don’t mind working out in the house (although my pooch looks at me with reproach as I make the gazillionth trip around the living room while putting 10,000 steps on the pedometer), it’s just that I much prefer to walk in the great outdoors.  Also, when I walk it can really be a great time for introspection and creative thought.  So….what a GREAT THING!  I have another opportunity to build my DREAM MUSCLES today — to dream, imagine, conjure up all those things I want to do that are fun, adventuresome and bring me lots of joy.  And —- then I have the opportunity to do something about Dreamit so I can make them real!

TODAY’S TIP:  Build your dream muscles.  Take the time to dream, imagine, conjure up all those things you have on your bucket list, the things you would DEFINITELY do “if only…..”, absolutely everything that would be the COOLEST THING E-V-E-R to do.  And….take a few extra minutes and write them all down.  Have a great workout!


PineappleI struggled with the topic for today’s post and tip for success. Writing works like that for me.  Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep pace with the ideas flowing out of my brain and then there are those days when I peer into my memory bank and it seems like there’s absolutely nothing there.  So, I did a search on the internet for ideas about how to bust through writer’s block and I came across the suggestion that I write about pineapples or absolutely anything that comes to mind.  It did the trick!  The second I typed “Pineapples” in the title for this piece, my mind shifted from “I don’t know what to write about today” to “type as fast as you can because now you have a gazillion things you want to share!!”

How can this pineapple blog and pineapples help you live the life you truly want to live?
1.  Get help when you’re stuck in an “I don’t know…..”
2.  Change your point of focus.  If you’ve got an “I don’t know….” going on, pick an object, any object and ask yourself — “how does this relate (or not) to where I’m stuck and what I might do differently?”
3.  Take action. Notice when the situation becomes painful or uncomfortable, because that’s DEFINITELY motivation to make a change.  I thought about what would happen if I sat on a pineapple.
4.  If #3 didn’t work, try something else!  Have you ever cut open a pineapple you thought would be PERFECT and it wasn’t ripe?  YUK!  Time to go get another one.
5. Sweet success when that delicious, sugary treat makes your taste buds squeal with delight.  Also what happens when your actions yield the result that you are looking for.

TODAY’S TIP:  Enjoy a delightful piece of fresh fruit, figure out what “I don’t know…” is keeping you from living the life you truly want, and do something to move you over, under, around or through it.  Have a great day!

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