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A Wait Problem….

I was up way too late last night.  I was playing the piano, having a great time at my personal Friday night living room karoke session and didn’t keep an eye on the clock.  When I finally decided to call it a night and turn off the tv, Kansas City Public Television was just starting their late night membership drive programming, “Shift Happens! Live an Inspired Life with Dr. Robert Holden.”  The title caught my attention and I ended up watching the entire segment.

Dr. Holden has spent his life studying happiness, success and love.  He’s the author of several books, has been a guest on the Oprah show and now leads workshops and training events around the world.  One of the things he mentioned is that many of us have a ‘wait’ problem when it comes to happiness.  When we want to stretch our creative wings and try something new that could lead to something better in our lives, our ego, that little voice in our heads that judges and tries so hard to keep us where we are, says, “Wait!  You’re not really ready for this yet.  It’s too soon to do this.  You’ve got to be careful.  You don’t want to move too fast.”  And on, and on, and on.

I know this has certainly happened to me on more than one occasion.  I’ve taken a look in the mirror and decided that it’s finally time to lose the extra ten pounds I’ve somehow managed to gain, but before I walk out of the room, my little voice is saying, “Wait!  You’ve got plans to go out to dinner this weekend.  You don’t want to start today. Why don’t you just wait until next week?  You won’t be able to stick to your diet anyway.”  etc., etc., etc.  So, do you think I actually started ‘next week’?  Of course not!  Nothing changed.

So, what to do?  Even if you don’t feel ‘ready’ to make a change, big or small, that would create more love, happiness or success in your life, DO IT ANYWAY.  Acknowledge that you hear your little voice and take the action TODAY, RIGHT NOW, that will bring more love, happiness, success and prosperity to your life.

And, if you want to hear more from and about Robert Holden, this program will be on Public Television throughout the month of March.  So, take a moment RIGHT NOW, search for the programming schedule for your local Public Television station and put it on your calendar.

Have a great Saturday!

TODAY’S TIP:  Do one thing RIGHT NOW that will bring more love, happiness, success and prosperity to your life today.


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