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A New Pope

The Vatican

The Vatican

A new pope was chosen to lead the Catholic Church last evening.  It’s been fascinating to hear the emerging stories of the newly named Pope Francis.  Already, he has been identified as a humble man who has has a heart for serving.  Indeed, one of the news reporters this morning commented that it will be interesting to see how he will assume the trappings and life of the office, and how it may change him.  It’s curious to me that I haven’t heard anyone consider or comment about how this man might change the office!

An interesting thought, isn’t it?  How does your life and your business reflect your values and who you are?  And, how does who you are show up in your life and business every day?  What values are you living out in your life and your business?  And, how do these values show up in the way you treat yourself?

If you’re struggling with the answers to these questions, please get in touch with me at and let’s talk about it.

TODAY’S TIP:  Be aware of how you are living out your values today in the way you’re growing your business, in the way you interact with others, and in the way you treat yourself.  And, please, post what you learn below!


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