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Life has been interesting for me since Saturday morning, when a gremlin visited my computer.  As someone who does not have a full grasp of the way in which computers actually work, I’m grateful to my children and the hours they patiently spent on the phone helping me resolve the issues.  I’m happy to share that as of a few hours ago, my computer is once again up and running and all is well in my part of the technological universe.  Were the past three days pleasant?  Absolutely not.  Did I remain calm and focused?  I wish.  Did I learn something from the experience?  MOST DEFINITELY!   Here are just a few of the gems I mined from my recent computer gremlin visit:

Jean’s Top 5 Gifts from the Gremlin
Gift #5:  After the struggle, celebrate!!!  Victory truly is sweet.  Dance, sing, shout for joy, laugh, cry, take a hot shower, have a glass of wine….

Gift #4:  Persist, persist, persist.  Stick with a task until it is completed.

Gift #3:  Know when to fold ’em.  When gremlins show up and your tussle begins, know when you’ve given it your best, when you need to try something else, when you need a break, and when you need to….

Gift #2:  Reach out and touch someone.  GET HELP!  Wrestling with a gremlin is much easier and more effective when you have a partner.

Gift #1:  There is life without technology.  Yes, that’s right.  The world continues to turn, the sun rises and sets, even when I can’t check my email, read all the Facebook postings, surf the web, or post on my blog.

TODAY’S TIP:  Unplug.  Take a technology break and use the time away from your email, facebook, pinterest and other techno-relationships to connect with family and friends, yourself and Mother Nature.  And, keep track to see how long you can survive without your techno-connections.  Can you last a whole day, a few hours, several minutes?  Let me know what you learn.  Have a great day!


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