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couchIt’s FRIDAY!!  Do you have exciting plans for the weekend or are you going to deepen that divot on your couch watching tv, pinning new stuff to your Pinterest board, reading the Facebook posts from friends, playing on-line games or surfing the web?

If you’ve got another boring weekend on your calendar, here’s a thought — get out of your couch-potato persona and check out Meet-Up.  It’s a great way to hook up with kindred spirits, meet new people, try out new activities and add some FUN to your life!  There are literally thousands of groups listed (even in your area!) and if you check out what’s happening this weekend, I think you’ll be surprised.  LOTS to choose from.  You can burn off calories with a group involved in a physical activity or hang out with folks who are more interested in conversation or trying out a new restaurant.  And, it’s FREE to sign-up.  (You may have to pay a fee to join a specific group or participate in a specific event.  Just pay attention to the information listed.)

So, get out there into the real world, make some face-to-face, live, human connections and spice up your life!

Have a great weekend!

TODAY’S TIP:  Get out into the real world and meet someone new.   Happy Friday!


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