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Dream Muscles

I’m looking out the window at the beautiful snow scene that is my yard and I’m thinking it’s another day of working out in the house.  I don’t mind working out in the house (although my pooch looks at me with reproach as I make the gazillionth trip around the living room while putting 10,000 steps on the pedometer), it’s just that I much prefer to walk in the great outdoors.  Also, when I walk it can really be a great time for introspection and creative thought.  So….what a GREAT THING!  I have another opportunity to build my DREAM MUSCLES today — to dream, imagine, conjure up all those things I want to do that are fun, adventuresome and bring me lots of joy.  And —- then I have the opportunity to do something about Dreamit so I can make them real!

TODAY’S TIP:  Build your dream muscles.  Take the time to dream, imagine, conjure up all those things you have on your bucket list, the things you would DEFINITELY do “if only…..”, absolutely everything that would be the COOLEST THING E-V-E-R to do.  And….take a few extra minutes and write them all down.  Have a great workout!


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