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An Inquisitive Eye

Moving along in our journey to making our dreams reality, let’s do a quick re-cap:

Dream Muscles:  imagine what you want
Bliss-O-Meter:  the higher your dream is on the bliss-o-meter, the more energy you’ll want to invest
Steppin’ Out: taking action

OK.  You’ve completed the first three steps toward making your dream a reality. Today, let’s take a look at what happened when you took action yesterday.  Was yesterday’s activity a success or a failure?  Did you accomplish what you wanted or did it flop?  Were you encouraged or are you thinking about throwing in the towel?

inquisitive-eye-smWhen you examine what you accomplished (or didn’t!) yesterday, why not use an inquisitive eye?  For the most part, I think we’re taught to judge rather than assess when it comes to our actions.  The questions we use are versions of the ones I posted above.  It’s an either/or analysis.  How would it change things for you, if you used the following questions to assess what you did?

What did I hope to accomplish yesterday?
What happened?
What did I learn from what I did yesterday?
What was helpful about it?
How did it support my dream?
In what ways did it energize me?
What was not helpful about what I did yesterday?
In what ways did it drain my energy?
In way ways did it move me further from my dream (rather than closer)?
What could I do differently?
What other things might I try?

TODAY’S TIP:  Use an inquisitive eye to assess the actions you take toward making your dream a reality.


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