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This past week, we started on a path to make our dreams a reality.  Today, though, I’m wondering how we might have veered off, gotten sidetracked, hit a rough spot, decided to turn around and go back, ran out of energy, stepped in a hole, been afraid to take the first step or exactly what is happening.  Where are you in the journey?  What’s your next move?

For millions of Christians around the world, this week has been about a journey as well.  It’s the time of year when we recall the journey of a man who was born in a barn, lived a life filled with love, served the outcast and the poor, and died so that believers might have eternal life.  Today is the day we remember the sacrifice that man made for the atonement of our sins.  It’s a reminder, too, that in order to continue the journey to live into our dreams, we’ll have to sacrifice as well.

Some people think this means giving up things we love to do, or sacrificing our time, relationships or giving up material goods.  Personally, I think it’s sacrificing all those self-defeating stories, beliefs and actions that keep us stuck, make us veer away from our dreams, and sometimes are so strong, they prevent us from ever getting started.

So, how about it – what are you going to sacrifice so you can make your dreams a reality?

TODAY’S TIP:  Figure out where you are in your journey toward making your dreams a reality and what self-defeating story, belief, or action you want to sacrifice so you can continue to move forward.  Have a productive Friday!


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