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Sailing Jean’s 7 “C’s” of Success

sailboat2No, today’s blog post won’t be about winds, tides or boats.  We’re just going to do a brief revisit of Jean’s 7 “C’s” of Success and I’ll share a couple of ways you can use them!  If you’re someone who would like to enjoy more success and prosperity in your business, your relationships, your finances or any facet of your life, you can start by doing a quick review of the 7 “C’s”.

1.  Clarity
2.  Courage
3.  Change
4.  Commitment
5.  Completion
6.  Celebrate
7.  Connections

In which of the seven are you the strongest or most consistent?  Which one is the most challenging?  Where can you direct your focus so that you can gain maximum forward movement toward your goals and dreams?  How will you do that?

Use the above questions for a daily check-in and check-up.

Or, simply to focus on one “C” per day, every day of the week.  You can start with #1 and go straight through the list.

Or, write each “C” on an index card and pull one (or more) each day and focus on that topic.

Or, get in touch with me at to learn how together, we can use the 7 “C’s” for Success to create  your own personalized Anything-but-Boring Success Guide.

TODAY’S TIP:  Review Jean’s 7 “C’s” of success, apply them to a facet of your business or your life, and let me know how you will use them by posting below. Have a successful and prosperous Tuesday!


Jean’s #7 “C” of Success

WOW!  Is it just me or did that week zip right by?  This is it.  The big finish.  Today is our #7 “C” in Jean’s 7 “C’s” for Success:  connectionsCONNECTIONS!

None of us have gotten to where we are in our businesses or our lives completely on our own.  We’ve had support along the way.  The same is true of our success. Great connections will help us accomplish great success.

Who is on your Personal Success Support Team? Who are those people who have stood by you, encouraged you, lent a hand to help or a shoulder to cry on when you needed it? Who provided services for you? Who celebrated with you? And, whose Personal Success Support Team are you a part of?

Here’s my two-fold offer to you today:  first of all, I’d like to be part your Personal Success Support Team. What information or resources to you need to grow the successful, prosperous business or live the life you’ve been dreaming about? Where are you stuck? What are you celebrating?  Feel free to contact me at and let me know.  If I can help you make a connection, acquire a needed resource or share an idea, I will!

Secondly, I’d like you to be part of my Personal Success Support Team! I’m looking for entrepreneurs and life adventurers who are ready to embrace success in their businesses and/or their lives. If you know someone who could benefit from regular conversations, encouragement and support, please have them get in touch with me.  I’d love to talk with them to see how I can be of service.

And….stay tuned….I’ll be sharing some exciting news SOON!

checkTODAY’S TIP:  It’s CONNECTION CHECK-IN Day! If you’re part of someone’s Personal Success Support Team, check in with them today. If you’re not part of a Personal Success Support Team, find someone to support!  And, contact someone on your Personal Success Support Team and share a celebration or a challenge.  Have a CONNECTED Monday!

Jean’s #6 “C” for Success

I’m wondering how many of you who are regular Tips for Success blog readers can guess what my #6 “C” for success is.  I’ll give you a hint:  the #5 “C” for success was completion.  You’ve finished a step or task and you’ve taken some time to assess what you’ve learned.  What’s next?  CELEBRATE!!
Find a way to acknowledge and congratulate yourself!!  Take a day off (or an hour or even 10 minutes!). Do a happy dance. Call a friend. Treat yourself to something special. Buy yourself a gift. Send yourself a card. Bask in the feeling of accomplishment. Rejoice!!!

Each step you take, no matter how small or large, regardless of whether the outcome of your action was what you expected or not, is more than worthy of acknowledgement and celebration.

TODAY’S TIP:  CELEBRATE a step you’ve taken or action you’ve completed (even if the desired result was not what you hoped for!) that was intended to move you toward a successful, prosperous life.

Jean’s #5 “C” for Success

We’re over the hump and on the home-stretch with Jean’s 7 “C’s” of Success.  Today we’ll take a look at the #5 “C” for Success: COMPLETION!

CompletionFor me, completion has two parts.  I think the first part of completion is best described by Larry the Cable Guy’s “git ‘r done!”  It’s the action of following through and finishing something.  It’s taking a step, as my mentor and friend, Barbara Winter says, “away from your fears and toward your dreams.”  Each time you take action, whether you accomplish what you set out to accomplish or not, you are completing.  Dream growing and successful living involve real-life experiences.  If all you do is plan, dream and imagine, your dreams will never become reality and you’ll be unable to live the life you truly want to live.

The second part of completion is assessment. When you’ve completed a task, it’s very important to assess what happened.  I’m not talking about success and failure, I’m talking about asking these important questions:  What did I learn?  In what ways did this particular action move me closer to my goal?  Or, in what ways did it move me away from my goal?  What would I do differently if I could do it again?

COMPLETION, ACTION + ASSESSMENT, is an essential part of our success formula.

TODAY’S TIP:  Complete a task today (and every day) that moves you closer to success and to making your dreams a reality and assess what you learned as you did!  Have a COMPLETE Saturday!

Jeans #4 “C” for Success

Here we are, smack-dab in the middle of our 7 “C’s” for success.  How appropriate, I think, that my #4 C for Success is

Why is that appropriate?  Because I think the thing that tips the scale from dreaming, imagining and wanting to grow a prosperous, successful business and living the life that you want and actually doing it, is commitment.

If we head to the commitment-o-meter right now and you ranked your commitment to successfully growing your business or making your dreams a reality on a scale of one to ten (10 means you’re fully, completely, 100% committed), COMMITMENTwhere would you be?  If you’re at a ten — GOOD FOR YOU! You’re probably on top of things, excited about what’s happening in your business and your life, and taking consistent action to move forward.  If you’re less than a ten, here’s something to think about: what’s one thing in your life that you were (or are) 100% committed to?  How do you know?

Your commitment to your success means that you will absolutely, positively do anything it takes to accomplish your goals.  If you’re not at a 10 on the commitment-o-meter, what’s getting in your way?  Are you clear about what your want?  Do you have the courage to take action?  Is it time to make a change in your thoughts, attitudes or behaviors?

TODAY’S TIP:  Rate your commitment to your success on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being 100% committed).  If you’re less than a “10”, re-read the posts on clarity, courage and change.  Have a COMMITTED Friday!

Jean’s #3 “C” for Success

Jean’s #3 “C” for success: CHANGE.

Although I’m not 100% sure who said it (some sources attribute it to Henry Ford), my favorite quote related to the #3 C for Success is : “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”  Sooooo true!Change2

Here’s an equation I use to make a change:

If you’re going to do something different, you’ve first got to be aware of what you’re currently doing, feeling and thinking.  Then you make a shift.

ChangeThe question is, where do you start when you’re ready to change? Do you change your thoughts?  Do you change your attitude?  Do you change your behavior? For me the resounding answer is “YES”! Start anywhere! Change your attitude or the way you feel, and there’s a good chance your thinking will change and you’ll find yourself behaving differently. Or, shift your thoughts, change what you’re thinking about and your attitude may change and you’ll be more inclined to do something different. Or, do something different and it’s likely your thoughts and attitude will be altered in some way.

The key when making a change is to focus on what you want (which takes us back to our #1 “C” — Clarity!) so your attitudes, thoughts and behaviors are all directed toward your goals and dreams.

TODAY’S TIP:  Focus on your dreams and goals and change an attitude, thought or behavior that will move you closer to reaching them!  Have a changed Thursday!

Jean’s #2 “C” of Success

Are you clear about where you are going?  About what you want?  (In case you missed it, that was yesterday’s #1 C of Success.)

Lion-cowardly-lion-of-oz-17649413-703-576Jean’s second “c'” of success is COURAGE.  If you’ve ever watched or read The Wizard of Oz, I’m sure you’ll remember that courage is what the cowardly lion was looking for.

The definition, as found in my almost ancient Webster’s Universal Unabridged Dictionary, which was a gift from my dad in the 1980’s, is as follows:  “1. the attitude or response of facing and dealing with anything recognized as dangerous, difficult, or painful, instead of withdrawing from it; the quality of being fearless or brave; valor; pluck.”

No matter who you are, what you do or where you live, at some point in your life, you have been courageous. You may not even have recognized it, but I know you’ve acted courageously.  You faced circumstances or events that were “dangerous, difficult or painful” and you persevered.  It may not have been easy or accomplished gracefully.  You might have even had second thoughts about what you could-a, would-a, should’ve done, BUT — you got through it.  That’s COURAGE!

If making your dreams a reality, growing a prosperous business and/or living the life you truly want is something that’s important to you, your courage — your “attitude or response of facing and dealing with anything recognized as dangerous, difficult, or painful, instead of withdrawing from it” — will come in handy.

TODAY’S TIP: Identify a place or circumstance in your business or your life right now that is dangerous, scary, difficult or painful and is keeping you from growing a prosperous, successful business or living the life that you’ve been dreaming of and face it courageously.  Have a plucky Wednesday!

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