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Easter Celebrations!

EasterCandy2013resizeHope you had a fantastic Easter holiday and that you had a doubly-fantastic celebration, even if Easter is not a part of your spiritual tradition!  I was able to enjoy some delightful family time with my daughter, son-in-law and one month old grandson and take a break from technology.

If you followed the 5 steps to living your dreams that we started last week, you may have figured out this is the 5th step in our journey to making our dreams a reality.  Let’s do a final refresher of what we covered:
Dream Muscles — envision your dream
The Bliss-O-Meter — where’s your excitement level
Steppin’ Out — take action
An Inquisitive Eye — assessing the action you took

And the fifth step (DRUMROLL, PLEASE…..):  CELEBRATE!!!  If you follow my blog regularly, you may find that I talk about this often because I believe many of us fail to see the significance of celebration.  And, frankly, I think we just don’t celebrate often enough!   I wonder why that is.  Are we afraid of looking like we’re showing off?  Are we too busy to celebrate?  Do we think the accomplishment was not significant enough or the goal not big enough?  Do we fear ‘jinxing’ our success?  What keeps you from celebrating?  Please post your response below.

TODAY’S TIP:  C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E!  Acknowledge an action you’ve taken in the past couple of days toward making your dream a reality or toward living the life you truly want to live.  And….please share what you’ve done (your accomplishment and your celebration) by posting below.  Have a terrific Tuesday!


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