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Approach and Retreat

Last week and through yesterday, I posted one way you can live into your dreams. You start with your vision. You do a double-check to be sure it’s actually your vision and that you’re excited, passionate and committed to making it happen. You take action. You assess how that action supported your vision or maybe how it didn’t and what you learned from the experience. And, you celebrate. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the process is one of those “rinse-and-repeat” things. After the celebration, go back and start again by revisiting your vision. Confirm that it’s absolutely the way you want to go or make any necessary adjustments. Take action. Assess. Celebrate. Repeat.

My horses have taught me this helpful method and I practice it every day. It’s called approach and retreat. When my horse and I are learning a new task or we come in contact with something that’s out of the ordinary and scary for the horse, I pay attention. When the horse says, “STOP! I don’t want to go any closer!”, I’ve learned to back up or walk completely away. We’ll relax or do something that’s fun and easy, then head right back to the scary thing. Sometimes we can walk right up to it on the second try and other times we can only move one step closer before we have to retreat, regroup and try again.

I think the same is true with our dreams. Living successfully into our dreams is fun, exciting, and even scary. If we’re truly making our dreams a reality, we’re moving into unknown territory. We’re doing things we’ve never done. We’re meeting people we’ve never met. We’re going places we’ve never been. So, use approach and retreat. Recognize when you encounter that scary place. Retreat and re-charge by taking time to do something that’s fun and builds your self-confidence. Try again. And, when your dream does become reality, ENJOY! and dream a new dream.

TODAY’S TIP:  Do something to build your self-confidence today and then take action that will move you toward making your dream a reality.


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