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Your Favorite CEO

I’d love to know the name of your favorite CEO.  Better still — what are the names of the top 3 CEO’s you respect and admire?  Who made it on your list?  What is it about those people that you admire? What criteria did you use to determine that they were your favorites?

CEO’s handle a lot of responsibility.  They inspire others to live out the vision and values of an organization, they make tough decisions and they are responsible for managing the resources of the organization and keeping the lines of communication open in all parts of the organization and even beyond!

Did you include yourself on the list?  Why or why not?

We are all the CEO’s of our own lives. Each one of us has the potential to be a successful, prosperous and even courageous leader! Consider this: we have our own vision and values to live into each day, we make tough decisions relating to the use of our resources and it’s important to keep the lines of communication open with others.

Take a look at the list of qualities that you admire in your favorite CEO’s. How do those qualities show up in the CEO who is responsible for your life?

TODAY’S TIP: As the CEO of your business and life, check in with at least 5 members of your Board (employees, family, friends, etc.) and ask what leadership qualities they most admire in you.  And, support them by sharing the leadership qualities you most admire in each of them.  Have a great Friday!


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