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No Gum or Lip Balm

LipBalmIt’s that time of year at my house.  That special “No Gum or Lip Balm” time of year when the horses shed their fuzzy winter coats.  No matter what I do, when I come back into the house each day, I have hair on my jacket, my pants, my gloves and, often times, in my mouth.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could shed those behaviors, thoughts and actions that no longer serve us that easily?  We could get out our brushes and just get rid of ’em!  We’d be smooth and sleek and no longer fuzzy around the edges.  We’d be clear about where we want to go with our businesses and our lives and we’d know the very next step to take to get there.

If you could, what would you brush off?  How would you sharpen your fuzzy edges and move closer to the success and prosperity you’re dreaming of?

By the way, remember to stand with your back to the wind as you’re brushing, too!

TODAY’S TIP:  Shed a behavior, thought, or action that’s keeping you from being clear about the success and prosperity you want in your business and your life.  Have a great Saturday!


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