For bodacious womenpreneurs who want to make more money and have more fun!


It’s Tax Day!  How’s your mood?  Are you I-rritable and R-eally S-urly  or are you I-ncredibly R-elieved and S-erene?

If you’re part of the Irritable and Really Surly crowd, what’s that about and where else does this money issue show up in your business or your life?

Take control of your finances, courageously face your money fears and blast through your money blocks!  You can get started TODAY by contacting me and scheduling your F.R.E.E.! MEET YOUR SACRED MONEY ARCHETYPE conversation.  During our 30 minute chat, you’ll discover particular money behaviors, thoughts and actions of your personal Sacred Money Archetype that are keeping you from living into your financial prosperity.  And, you’ll leave the call with specific actions you can take to eliminate fear and truly step into your power with money.

Drop me a note at and MEET YOUR SACRED MONEY ARCHETYPE.  It could change your life for the better!!

TODAY’S TIP:  Tidy up those taxes and be part of the I-ncredibly R-elieved and S-erene crowd.  Happy Monday!


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  1. So happy to say that I am part of the I-ncredibly R-elieved and S-erene crowd! Yeah!! : }

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