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7 C’s of Success

Just for fun, in the upcoming week, I want to share Jean’s 7 C’s of Success.  They have been a great resource to me in my journey to growing a prosperous, successful business and living a joy-filled life!  When I’m feeling as though things aren’t turning out as I’d hoped, I can run a quick check of my 7 C’s to see where I might need to put some focus and energy to get me moving forward again.

What seven words that begin with the letter “c” would you use to help you to become more successful and prosperous and live a more joyful life?  Let’s see how many we share, shall we?  Here we go:

Jean’s 7 C’s of Success
#1.  Clarity

This is almost a mantra of mine: In order to get where you want to go, you’ve gotta be clear about where you’re going.  The same applies to growing a successful business or living the life you want.  Be clear about what that looks like.  And, for those of you who may be saying (or even whining — I know you’re out there!  I’ve done it myself!) “But, I don’t KNOW what I want!”  start by thinking about what you don’t want!  Think about all those things you truly enjoy.  Think about the people, activities and stuff that bring fun and joy into your life!  And if you still can’t get clear — contact me at  I’ll help you figure it out.

TODAY’S TIP:  Take at least 10 minutes and write down what ‘success’ looks like to you in your business and your life.  Have a CLEAR Tuesday!


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  1. Clarity is a very important aspect of growing a successful business! I agree that you have to know where you’re going in order to ever get there. I feel like a lot of new businesses fall into the trap of taking on too much or not having clearly defined goals. Start small and defined…

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