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Recently, while watching late, late, late night PBS programming, I “discovered” Dr. Robert Holden.  I was fascinated by what he had to say and by the titles of his books:  Shift Happens!, Authentic Success, Be Happy, Happiness NOW!, and Loveability.

Shift Happens! How to Live an Inspired Life . . . Starting Right Now! is a collection of brief writings (they could have been blog posts!), snippets, or tidbits of inspiration that have the capacity to change your thinking and your behavior.  It’s a great little book to have around and pretty handy when you are having “one of those days” when you are feeling less than inspired, less than successful, less than enthusiastic, less than happy or downright crabby about your business or life in general.

One of the entries in the book (page 171) is titled “Be unreasonable!”.  In this piece, Dr. Holden explains his belief that “happiness needs no reason, love needs no reason, and kindness needs no reason.”  He encourages readers to “be still for a moment and meditate on unreasonable joy.  See if you can let your innate joy bubble up for no good reason.” (page 174).

UnreasonableI am proposing that you join in an “unreasonable” experiment today.  In what ways can you be “more unreasonable than usual”?  Here are some of his suggestions:  (page 174)

  • Be unreasonably kind to yourself today.
  • Kiss your partner for no reason at all.
  • Smile the unreasonable smile at work.
  • Call a friend for no specific reason.
  • Choose to have a great day, regardless.
  • Meditate on unreasonable joy today.
  • Dress up, eat out, your treat, no reason.
  • Let no reason stop you being you today.

Go wild.  Be unreasonable. Let me know what happens.

TODAY’S TIP:  Be unreasonable.


Comments on: "The Unreasonable Experiment" (2)

  1. Barbara Winter said:

    Love this, Jean. I met Robert Holden a few years ago in the UK. He’s wonderful.

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