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If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you may recall that last week at this time I planned to do a week-long series on success.  I had started the series before I left on a four-day trip with the intention of finishing up the posts and getting them online when I returned.  However, while I was away, I learned of the bombings at the Boston Marathon and then on Wednesday the horrific explosion occurred in West, Texas.  With those two incidents in mind, I chose to shift my focus elsewhere for the remainder of the week.

jeanmorehouse_workbookcoverAs we launch into a new week, I’m ready to start again. Sometimes I think success is exactly like that.  You decide what you want to do. You get started.  Things don’t go as planned. You take a little break. You re-evaluate.  And, you start again.  You know, that sounds just like my P.I.E.S. (Plan, Implement, Evaluate, and get Support) Business Breakthrough Kit!  If you’re ready to do something different to grow your business or change your life for the better, stop by my website, get your FREE copy of P.I.E.S. and get started.

And be sure to read Tips for Success in Business and Life tomorrow when I’ll be re-launching my 7 C’s of Success series.

Have a marvelous Monday!

TODAY’S TIP:  Stop by, pick up your FREE copy of my P.I.E.S. (Plan, Implement, Evaluate, and get Support) Business Breakthrough Kit and take action so you can grow a successful and prosperous business and live the life you truly want to live!


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