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So….here we go — again!  In the upcoming week, I’ll be sharing Jean’s 7 C’s of Success.  These seven words are part of my personal Success Check-Up & Check-In system.   When things aren’t turning out as I imagined, I run a quick check of my 7 C’s to see where I need to shift my focus and energy so I can regain some forward momentum.

Before I share my 7 C’ s of Success, what seven words, beginning with the letter “c”, would you or do you use in your personal Success Check-Up & Check-In system?

Jean’s #1 C of Success:  CLARITY

This is almost a mantra of mine: In order to get where you want to go, you’ve gotta be clear about where you’re going.  The same applies to growing a successful business or living the life you want.  Be clear about what that looks like.  And, for those of you who may be saying (or even whining — I know you’re out there!  I’ve done it myself!) “But, I don’t KNOW what I want!”  here’s a suggestion: set aside a few minutes and imagine what your ideal job, relationships, life and financial situation look like.  Where do you want to live?  Who do you want to be living with? What do you want to be doing to generate income?  How much income to you want to generate (or how much money do you want in the bank)?   What kinds of things do you want to do to have fun?

Hopefully, that will get you started.  If you still can’t get clear — contact me at  I’ll help you figure it out.

TODAY’S TIP:  Take at least 10 minutes and write down what ‘success’ looks like to you in your business and your life.  Have a CLEAR Tuesday!


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