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Jean’s #3 “C” for success: CHANGE.

Although I’m not 100% sure who said it (some sources attribute it to Henry Ford), my favorite quote related to the #3 C for Success is : “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”  Sooooo true!Change2

Here’s an equation I use to make a change:

If you’re going to do something different, you’ve first got to be aware of what you’re currently doing, feeling and thinking.  Then you make a shift.

ChangeThe question is, where do you start when you’re ready to change? Do you change your thoughts?  Do you change your attitude?  Do you change your behavior? For me the resounding answer is “YES”! Start anywhere! Change your attitude or the way you feel, and there’s a good chance your thinking will change and you’ll find yourself behaving differently. Or, shift your thoughts, change what you’re thinking about and your attitude may change and you’ll be more inclined to do something different. Or, do something different and it’s likely your thoughts and attitude will be altered in some way.

The key when making a change is to focus on what you want (which takes us back to our #1 “C” — Clarity!) so your attitudes, thoughts and behaviors are all directed toward your goals and dreams.

TODAY’S TIP:  Focus on your dreams and goals and change an attitude, thought or behavior that will move you closer to reaching them!  Have a changed Thursday!


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