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Here we are, smack-dab in the middle of our 7 “C’s” for success.  How appropriate, I think, that my #4 C for Success is

Why is that appropriate?  Because I think the thing that tips the scale from dreaming, imagining and wanting to grow a prosperous, successful business and living the life that you want and actually doing it, is commitment.

If we head to the commitment-o-meter right now and you ranked your commitment to successfully growing your business or making your dreams a reality on a scale of one to ten (10 means you’re fully, completely, 100% committed), COMMITMENTwhere would you be?  If you’re at a ten — GOOD FOR YOU! You’re probably on top of things, excited about what’s happening in your business and your life, and taking consistent action to move forward.  If you’re less than a ten, here’s something to think about: what’s one thing in your life that you were (or are) 100% committed to?  How do you know?

Your commitment to your success means that you will absolutely, positively do anything it takes to accomplish your goals.  If you’re not at a 10 on the commitment-o-meter, what’s getting in your way?  Are you clear about what your want?  Do you have the courage to take action?  Is it time to make a change in your thoughts, attitudes or behaviors?

TODAY’S TIP:  Rate your commitment to your success on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being 100% committed).  If you’re less than a “10”, re-read the posts on clarity, courage and change.  Have a COMMITTED Friday!


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