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We’re over the hump and on the home-stretch with Jean’s 7 “C’s” of Success.  Today we’ll take a look at the #5 “C” for Success: COMPLETION!

CompletionFor me, completion has two parts.  I think the first part of completion is best described by Larry the Cable Guy’s “git ‘r done!”  It’s the action of following through and finishing something.  It’s taking a step, as my mentor and friend, Barbara Winter says, “away from your fears and toward your dreams.”  Each time you take action, whether you accomplish what you set out to accomplish or not, you are completing.  Dream growing and successful living involve real-life experiences.  If all you do is plan, dream and imagine, your dreams will never become reality and you’ll be unable to live the life you truly want to live.

The second part of completion is assessment. When you’ve completed a task, it’s very important to assess what happened.  I’m not talking about success and failure, I’m talking about asking these important questions:  What did I learn?  In what ways did this particular action move me closer to my goal?  Or, in what ways did it move me away from my goal?  What would I do differently if I could do it again?

COMPLETION, ACTION + ASSESSMENT, is an essential part of our success formula.

TODAY’S TIP:  Complete a task today (and every day) that moves you closer to success and to making your dreams a reality and assess what you learned as you did!  Have a COMPLETE Saturday!


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