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I’m wondering how many of you who are regular Tips for Success blog readers can guess what my #6 “C” for success is.  I’ll give you a hint:  the #5 “C” for success was completion.  You’ve finished a step or task and you’ve taken some time to assess what you’ve learned.  What’s next?  CELEBRATE!!
Find a way to acknowledge and congratulate yourself!!  Take a day off (or an hour or even 10 minutes!). Do a happy dance. Call a friend. Treat yourself to something special. Buy yourself a gift. Send yourself a card. Bask in the feeling of accomplishment. Rejoice!!!

Each step you take, no matter how small or large, regardless of whether the outcome of your action was what you expected or not, is more than worthy of acknowledgement and celebration.

TODAY’S TIP:  CELEBRATE a step you’ve taken or action you’ve completed (even if the desired result was not what you hoped for!) that was intended to move you toward a successful, prosperous life.


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