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WOW!  Is it just me or did that week zip right by?  This is it.  The big finish.  Today is our #7 “C” in Jean’s 7 “C’s” for Success:  connectionsCONNECTIONS!

None of us have gotten to where we are in our businesses or our lives completely on our own.  We’ve had support along the way.  The same is true of our success. Great connections will help us accomplish great success.

Who is on your Personal Success Support Team? Who are those people who have stood by you, encouraged you, lent a hand to help or a shoulder to cry on when you needed it? Who provided services for you? Who celebrated with you? And, whose Personal Success Support Team are you a part of?

Here’s my two-fold offer to you today:  first of all, I’d like to be part your Personal Success Support Team. What information or resources to you need to grow the successful, prosperous business or live the life you’ve been dreaming about? Where are you stuck? What are you celebrating?  Feel free to contact me at and let me know.  If I can help you make a connection, acquire a needed resource or share an idea, I will!

Secondly, I’d like you to be part of my Personal Success Support Team! I’m looking for entrepreneurs and life adventurers who are ready to embrace success in their businesses and/or their lives. If you know someone who could benefit from regular conversations, encouragement and support, please have them get in touch with me.  I’d love to talk with them to see how I can be of service.

And….stay tuned….I’ll be sharing some exciting news SOON!

checkTODAY’S TIP:  It’s CONNECTION CHECK-IN Day! If you’re part of someone’s Personal Success Support Team, check in with them today. If you’re not part of a Personal Success Support Team, find someone to support!  And, contact someone on your Personal Success Support Team and share a celebration or a challenge.  Have a CONNECTED Monday!


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