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sailboat2No, today’s blog post won’t be about winds, tides or boats.  We’re just going to do a brief revisit of Jean’s 7 “C’s” of Success and I’ll share a couple of ways you can use them!  If you’re someone who would like to enjoy more success and prosperity in your business, your relationships, your finances or any facet of your life, you can start by doing a quick review of the 7 “C’s”.

1.  Clarity
2.  Courage
3.  Change
4.  Commitment
5.  Completion
6.  Celebrate
7.  Connections

In which of the seven are you the strongest or most consistent?  Which one is the most challenging?  Where can you direct your focus so that you can gain maximum forward movement toward your goals and dreams?  How will you do that?

Use the above questions for a daily check-in and check-up.

Or, simply to focus on one “C” per day, every day of the week.  You can start with #1 and go straight through the list.

Or, write each “C” on an index card and pull one (or more) each day and focus on that topic.

Or, get in touch with me at to learn how together, we can use the 7 “C’s” for Success to create  your own personalized Anything-but-Boring Success Guide.

TODAY’S TIP:  Review Jean’s 7 “C’s” of success, apply them to a facet of your business or your life, and let me know how you will use them by posting below. Have a successful and prosperous Tuesday!


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