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Sacred Selfishness

My post is a bit late today because I invested the morning on the phone with my friend, mentor and brilliant coach, Darla Powell Phillips. We set aside some time to talk about sacred selfishness and what that looks like (or doesn’t) in my life andmask resize my business. Simply stated, Sacred Selfishness is putting your oxygen mask on first. (If you’ve ever flown on a commercial airline, you’ll recall that the pre-flight preparation always includes the following: If you are traveling with a child and the oxygen masks drop down from the overhead compartment, put YOUR mask on FIRST.)

Sacred Selfishness is investing the time it takes to refill, replenish, restore, revive, and renew your joy, your bliss, and your spirit.  When I’m struggling, frustrated, frantic, overwhelmed, or confused and I feel like my business is going nowhere or my life is just crapola, it’s a safe bet that I have not practiced Sacred Selfishness. I’ve shared, spent, given away, or leaked a large portion of my fabulous, creative life-giving energy and brilliant gifts and my spirit is depleted. I’m crabby, mean, critical, unhappy, exhausted, short-tempered and just plain miserable.

How do you practice Sacred Selfishness? What do you do to refill, replenish, restore, revive and renew your spirit? Do you take time daily, weekly, monthly, yearly?  Do you pamper yourself?  Do you have a routine? Do you schedule time regularly?  If you took a quick snapshot of your life, in what percentage of your day are you living joyfully, going through the motions or struggling? If the highest percentage isn’t in living joyfully, I’m betting it’s time for some Sacred Selfishness.

TODAY’S TIP:  Practice Sacred Selfishness today. Let me know what you did and how it felt!  Have a Sacredly Selfish Thursday!


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