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It’s Monday! Do you have the Monday morning blues, Monday morning happiness, or somewhere in between? Where are you on the happiness-o-meter today?

I’ve been reading Dr. Robert Holden’s book, Be Happy: Release the Power of Happiness in YOU, and doing the exercises and activities he has shared. It’s been an interesting, fascinating and fun experience!

smileyfaceDr. Holden’s basic understanding is that we have have two selves: an Unconditioned Self which is our ‘original self’ that is already happy and a Learned Self, our self-image that develops out of our life experiences. He believes that our Unconditioned Self arrives as gifted, brilliant and non-judgmental. [I love his comment that he’s never heard of a newborn baby who popped out of the womb only to look around and comment, “Well, this is not as nice as I had expected!”] Our Unconditioned Self finds joy in just being while our Learned Self is doing, going, wanting, searching and looking for happiness.

So what about you?  Are you happy this Monday morning? When have you been happy? What does happiness feel like to you? Where are you on the happiness-o-meter?

TODAY’S TIP: Be mindful of happiness in your business and your life today. What does happiness look like and feel like for you? Have a MARVELOUSLY happy Monday!


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