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Spring has sprung!

LilacFinally – some warmer weather has arrived.  Of course, it could be a case of ‘be careful what you ask for’ as the weather forecasters are predicting temperatures in the 80’s here this week!  In any case, with all of the rain we’ve had recently and these warmer temperatures, the apple tree and lilacs are blooming, the grass is growing like crazy and the frogs are croaking in the pond. Spring is officially here!

No matter what’s on your to-do list or how busy you may be, take a few minutes to bask in that great feeling of the newness of spring. Look closely at the fine details and brilliant colors of the blooming flowers. Inhale the fragrant spring smells as deeply as you can. And drink in a bit of sunshine (don’t forget your sunscreen, though!) or listen to the rhythmic sounds of the raindrops as they hit the ground. It’s a great way to refresh your soul and spark your creative juices.

TODAY’S TIP: Enjoy a bit of spring and have a MAGNIFICENT Monday!


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