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As I write this post, I’m awaiting word from a neighbor who has the necessary equipment to dig some post holes.  I’ve got several fence posts that need to be replaced and the job will be one hundred times faster and easier if a front-end loader holescan dig up the old posts and create the holes for the new ones.  So it wasn’t a surprise when Seth Godin’s, Life is Full of Holes, showed up on my computer screen yesterday and the title peaked my interest.

My quick synopsis of his blog post is that everyone encounters holes in the road in the journey of life. When we do, we often ask “Is this the correct path?”  Seth suggests that instead, we ask, “Is this somewhere I’d like to go?”  I love his final sentence: “It’s significantly easier to cross a gap when you have momentum and direction.”

Have you hit a hole recently? What happened? What question did you ask? And, what did you do to get your momentum going again?

TODAY’S TIP: Check-in with your vision and dreams and do something today that creates momentum toward making them a reality.  Have a TREMENDOUS Tuesday!


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