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Photo taken at New Journeys Ranch, my dream home, in Lathrop, MO

Photo taken at New Journeys Ranch, a place I dreamed about for almost forty years and where I now reside in Lathrop, MO

I’m a dreamer. You may have heard me say that before. True confessions: until a few years ago I was a ‘closet’ dreamer. I didn’t often talk about my dreams or share them with anyone except maybe my husband and a close friend or two.  And, I certainly had doubts that any of them could or would become reality.

Then I jumped ‘all-in’ into the world of entrepreneurial business and I learned about Barbara Sher and Barbara Winter. Both of these amazing, brilliant, funny women, and several wonderful friends (including Nancy, Darla, Gail and Rebecca) have opened my eyes and heart to the truth that dreams do and can become reality. Is it luck? Is it good fortune? Is it knowing the right people? Yes, yes, yes and MORE!

How are you living into your dreams?

Read Building a Hothouse for Your Dreams, a wonderful post by Barbara Winter about how to nurture and care for your dreams.

TODAY’S TIP: Nurture your dreams and have a tremendous Tuesday!


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