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View from the Porch

porchAnother gorgeous summer day at the ranch!

If you’re a person who rushes around getting lots of stuff done everyday, or checks your text messages a million times, or usually has a grand time playing video games, emailing or surfing the web for hours, today is the day to re-prioritize, get outside, find a beautiful, relaxing spot at home or somewhere nearby and just drink in the sights, sounds and smells of summer!  This is a NO-FEE, NO-CHARGE, COMPLETELY FREE opportunity to refresh and refill your spirit.

TODAY’S TIP: Refresh your spirit with quiet, contemplative time outdoors. Have a SENSATIONAL Sunday!


A Beautiful Day at the Ranch!

ImageAhh….how I love a summer day in the 70’s with a cool breeze and a cloudless sky! Have taken care of feeding, turning the horses out and mucking the pens and am now enjoying a nice cup of coffee and writing this blog while hanging out on the porch.

While doing the morning chores listed earlier, I’ve simultaneously been ‘working’ on my business, by contemplating new programs, considering the things that went well this week and those things that might have gone better, and envisioning the Mid-Year Boost Your Business Tune-Ups and the Happy Hour with Jean telecalls that are on the horizon.

I also reflected on what a Successful Saturday would look like for me. I am so grateful that I have this beautiful setting that encourages and inspires me to fully embrace and live into the person I was created to be!

If you’d like to get out of your ordinary routine and enjoy what I call some HorsePlay for Success with me here at the ranch, get in touch with me at  You, too, will be inspired, challenged and energized for success and prosperity!

By the way, It’s gonna be a GREAT weekend for riding so if you do try to get in touch with me today, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you Monday!

TODAY’S TIP: Have a successful Saturday!

Your Business (or Your Life) Tune-Up

It’s been a few days since I suggested that it was time to do a Mid-Year Boost Your Business Tune-Up. How’s ittools going? Did you schedule some time and actually get it done? What did you learn?  Did you do a business tune-up, a life tune-up, both or neither?

I’ve had a couple of folks ask me what kinds of things they should examine when they do their tune-up so I put together a handy list of five important aspects to review. I think these questions apply both to business and to life. Here they are:

~ In what ways have you met your goals for the first half of the year?

~ In what ways are you ‘missing the mark’ in meeting your goals for the first half of the year?

~ What do your ‘numbers’ look like (your gross income for the year thus far and your total disbursements)?

~ What are your goals for the remainder of 2013?

~ What are your next steps to reaching those goals?

For some folks this tune-up may be a challenge. Perhaps you didn’t set any goals in 2013 for your business or your life. Or, maybe you did take some time to write down your goals, but the last time you saw them was when that pile of papers blew off the corner of your desk a couple of months ago. Or, maybe you used your goals as a fire-starter during a recent family camp-out.  TAKE HEART! — You can use your Mid-Year Boost Your Business Tune-Up to set some new goals that will carry you to success and prosperity through 2013 and beyond!

And — for those of you who want to give your business an EXTRA boost, I’ve added a SPECIAL BONUS to my two-hour, personalized, one-on-one, virtual Mid-Year FULL-SERVICE Boost Your Business Tune-Up which is available for $99!

We’ll do your goal review (or, get some new goals going for you if you don’t have any to review), take a close look at where you want to be and what you want to achieve by the end of 2013, assess what really works for you, AND we’ll put together your very own Personalized Prosperity Plan that you can follow through the end of the year to make 2013 your most successful and prosperous year EVER!  This SIZZLING HOT offer will be available through midnight (Central Time) July 7!  To take advantage of this great investment that could add thousands of dollars to your bank account by the end of the year, just drop me an email at and let’s get it on the calendar.

TODAY’S TIP: Share what you learned when you did your Mid-Year Boost Your Business (or Your Life) Tune-Up. OR — if you haven’t yet done it, put it on your calendar! Have a FANTASTIC Friday!

Networking Fun

Last week I had some networking fun at “Connect the Dots,” an event organized by Paige Cahill of Constant Contact.  I re-connected with Dana Ward from Great Day Moving, met some wonderful new folks and heard start-up and success joys and challenges from two local entrepreneurs, Leroy Shatto, owner of Shatto Milk Company, and Gary Walker, “King of Green” and owner of Magic Touch Cleaning. Their stories were inspirational, educational and entertaining!

Here are the top three nuggets I gleaned from the event:

1. Be yourself. Go with your strengths, follow your intuition, do what you love, do what it takes to succeed, be ready to face challenges and have a great time celebrating your successes.

2. Wear your brand. Although this goes hand-in-hand with #1 above, both of these successful entrepreneurs shared how wearing their brand has helped them build recognition. No matter where they go or who they are with, they proudly represent their businesses by what they wear, what they say and how they interact.

3. Have a plan and be ready to change it. Know where you are going, what you want to accomplish and why, and create a plan to make it happen. However, as your business unfolds, be alert to and take advantage of opportunities that may take you on an alternate (and sometimes even BETTER!) path.
And, to top it all off, I was the recipient of a fantastic door prize courtesy of Gary Walker and Magic Touch cleaning. I received a GIANT (and really heavy!) tote bag filled with ‘green’ cleaning supplies!  Thank you, Paige for organizing and hosting a great event and thank you, Gary, for the ‘green’ goodie bag!

TODAY’S TIP: Be yourself, wear your brand, and have a plan for success. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Father’s Day

I love having a special day every year to remember and honor dads. I was blessed to have a father who shared his joy and enthusiasm for life with me and my sisters as we grew up. I’m grateful for the many life lessons he modeled, some of which were love, faith, responsibility, generosity, and life-long learning. And, I’m thankful for the gifts that he shared with me and that have become a part of who I am — his love of music, gardening, his sense of humor, his seemingly boundless energy, rhythm and his ready smile. Fond memories of my dad include summer vacations at the beach, parades, beer, the smell of cigars, polkas, red beet eggs, Lionel trains, a Pennsylvania Dutch accent, Old Spice, helping me learn how to catch a fly ball, ties, buying fresh vegetables from the roadside stands of local farmers, John Philip Sousa marches, carpooling, the Shriner’s circus, sticky buns, Birch Beer and Mack Trucks.

Thanks, dad, for believing in me, encouraging me and loving me.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  Enjoy your day!

TODAY’S TIP: Hug your dad. If that’s not possible, share one fond memory you have of your dad or of someone in your life who was like a father to you.  Have a great Father’s Day!

Gimme an “F”

YIPPEEEE!!  Delightful weather and Friday to boot!  So how about some “F” words, in no particular order, to add a bit of frivolity your day:

Fantastic, fun, fabulous, freedom, flee, festive, friend, flower, flow, future, fruit, flavorful, fragrant, frivolous, fascinating, foam, funny, fish, frolic, fireworks, frisky, family, famous, frog, fantabulous, FRIDAY!!

TODAY’S TIP:  Have an EXCEPTIONALLY joyous Friday!

Refreshed Re-entry and Boost Your Biz

Appropriately my last post was about busy-ness.  After the post was written, I got busy!  I shifted my priorities, enjoyed some family time in Texas and took a break from the keyboard.  This morning, after yesterday’s long road trip home and a wonderfully restful sleep in my own bed, I’m back at ‘work’.

It felt great to be away from the regular routine and it feels great to be back!  I’m most excited because I’ve got some fantastic appointments scheduled throughout the month of June. I’ll be doing some Boost Your Business or Your Life Half-Year Tune-Ups with clients who are checking in with their yearly goals.  We’ll take a look at what’s going well, where the ‘sticky’ places are and we’ll spend some time ‘brainsailing’ ideas to move them forward to a prosperous and successful 2013.

What about you? Where are you with your 2013 goals for your business and/or your life?  If you’d like to make 2013 your best year ever, it’s not too late!  Get in touch with me at to schedule your Boost Your Business or Your Life Half-Year Tune-Up today.  And…I have an amazing offer for you.  My MONTH-OF-JUNE-SPECIAL-PRICING for your Boost Your Business or Your Life Half-Year Tune-Up is only $99 for a two hour, one-on-one, virtual session! Guaranteed to be fun AND productive!!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

TODAY’S TIP: Contact me at to schedule a Boost Your Biz or Your Life Half-Year Tune-Up so you can make 2013 your most prosperous and successful year EVER!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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