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Good Monday Morning!!

Today is a celebration. This is post #100 of Tips for Success in Business and Life! In honor of this accomplishment, I plan to keep the celebration going by doing a couple of things.

First of all, I’m going to put together a list of 100 celebrations for actions I’ve taken and goals that I’ve reached in my business.

Secondly, I’m going to assemble a list of 100 celebrations for life events  and accomplishments.

And, finally, I want to have a virtual celebration to mark this momentous occasion. I’m asking YOU to participate in the party by posting a celebration of your own on this wall — either a celebration related to your business or your life.  AND…..please find a friend or two who would be willing to add theirs, too. I’d love to see 100 celebrations listed here.


TODAY’S TIP:  Post a celebration below related to something you have accomplished in your business and/or your life!  HAPPY MONDAY!


Comments on: "Century Mark Celebration!" (2)

  1. Nancy said:

    I am celebrating my relationship with my sweetheart-to let such a sweet, kind-hearted, generous and loving man into the deepest parts of my heart. So proud of myself!

  2. I celebrate that I am able to have “girl time” with my daughter for a few days in Florida. We will be celebrating our “Auntee Cre” (CREDELLA – isn’t that a hoot?) who came out of hospice 3 weeks ago and doing just GREAT. She will be 92 this November. Talk about “girl power”! Celebrate those that are important to you…every day. Most of us do not get a second chance.

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