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A couple of things on my radar screen since Sunday prompted this blog post.

First of all, during the sermon at church last Sunday, I heard a statement that suggested that at this time in our culture, many of us are addicted to busy-ness.

Yesterday, I heard a news report about a recent study that shows that answering a cell phone call while having our blood pressure taken can cause blood pressure spikes.

Meetings, shuttling children to school and activities, working out, attending classes, going to work, answering email, surfing the web, doing household chores and yard care, even vacations are all part of our busy-ness.

What does your “un-busy-ness” look like and how often is it on your schedule?

TODAY’S TIP: Schedule some “un-busy” time into your schedule.  Have a relaxing Wednesday!


Comments on: "Busy-ness" (1)

  1. This is why I don’t have a dog…I am so busy the dog would have to walk itself!

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