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Father’s Day

I love having a special day every year to remember and honor dads. I was blessed to have a father who shared his joy and enthusiasm for life with me and my sisters as we grew up. I’m grateful for the many life lessons he modeled, some of which were love, faith, responsibility, generosity, and life-long learning. And, I’m thankful for the gifts that he shared with me and that have become a part of who I am — his love of music, gardening, his sense of humor, his seemingly boundless energy, rhythm and his ready smile. Fond memories of my dad include summer vacations at the beach, parades, beer, the smell of cigars, polkas, red beet eggs, Lionel trains, a Pennsylvania Dutch accent, Old Spice, helping me learn how to catch a fly ball, ties, buying fresh vegetables from the roadside stands of local farmers, John Philip Sousa marches, carpooling, the Shriner’s circus, sticky buns, Birch Beer and Mack Trucks.

Thanks, dad, for believing in me, encouraging me and loving me.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  Enjoy your day!

TODAY’S TIP: Hug your dad. If that’s not possible, share one fond memory you have of your dad or of someone in your life who was like a father to you.  Have a great Father’s Day!


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