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Have you seen any fireworks this year?  Several shows in our area have been cancelled due to the severe drought.  

Fortunately, our neighbors have a way to hook up a hose and a pump in their pond, and they shared a great display last weekend.  I do love to hear the hiss, follow the tiny trail as the firework blasts into the night sky and then ooooo and ahhh, as it opens up for that display of brilliance that is gone in seconds.  Oh, yes…and then there are those flashes of light followed by the loud BOOM! that surprise and delight me.

I sometimes feel like this blog is a little bit like fireworks.  A quick flash, maybe a loud BOOM! and then, silence.

My intention is to have regular and frequent posts.  And then suddenly, there’s a flash and a BOOM! in my life and it becomes a challenge to get the words on the page and hit the “Publish” button.   I took a few weeks off recently after one of our dogs, a young stray who showed up here last year about this time and immediately claimed us as his own, contracted a rare, fast-moving and fatal disease.  I still miss his company as he was my office companion, horse-sidekick, and 24-hour personal entertainment.  I needed some time to contemplate and focus the energy I had on other areas of my business for a bit.

How does this happen in your business or your life?  What kinds of flash/BOOMS! knock you off course?  What do you do?  How do you get back on track?

I think the message today is simply that no matter what happens, whether things are hectic or trying, whether something comes up that takes you out of your game, or if things don’t seem to be working out as you had hoped — just keep going.  Get support. Figure out what you really want.  Try something and if it works — CELEBRATE.  Try something and if it doesn’t work — identify what you learned and try something else.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July.

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