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Why would I want to hire a coach?

This week has been International Coach Week, an acknowledgement and celebration of the coaching profession. If you’re looking for a partner to help you strengthen your leadership skills, grow your business, learn how to better deal with stress and overwhelm, take control of your finances, organize your life, find a job that you love, or help you get clear about what you want out of life and how to get it, it’s time to contact a coach.

Coaches provide support by listening and asking powerful questions. We delight in helping you recognize where you are and where you want to go. We work with you so you can create a plan to get you there, overcome challenges and we especially enjoy celebrating your successes!

Here are some of the reasons why my clients chose to work with me:
+ I’ve been really frustrated with a situation with my co-worker at my job and would love some ideas on how I can deal with the situation in a more positive way.
+ I want to get a handle on my money stuff and build up a savings account but when I have money to set aside, I splurge, and then there’s nothing left to save.
+ I have a project I want to have completed and I know I won’t get it done if I don’t have someone who will keep me on track.
+ I’m ready to start my new business and I need help figuring out where to begin.
+ I have a million ideas for my coaching business but I feel stuck and don’t know which one to do first or how to get started.
+ I would love some help re-branding my coaching business because I have a new focus.
+ I’ve written a book and gotten it published.  Now I want to promote it, but I’m not sure how to effectively market it.
+ I’m tired of waking up every day worrying about money and would like to learn how I can stop doing that.
+ I’ve got a lot things going on my my life and need some help figuring out what my priorities are.
+ I want to grow my business but I’m not sure what to do to make that happen.

Ready to make a change for the better in your life?  Get in touch with me at and schedule a 30-minute, complimentary Boost Your Biz or Your Life conversation and let’s see what we can do together!

TODAY’S TIP: Contact me at to schedule a 30-minute, complimentary Boost Your Biz or Your Life conversation so you can experience more joy, success and prosperity in your life!  Have a tremendous Thursday!


What’s the catch?

catchHow many FREE offers do you receive a day in your email box? I haven’t counted recently, but I’m pretty sure I receive at least ten a day.  Because of what I do as a coach, I’m on LOTS of e-mailing lists.  I receive newsletters, offers for teleclasses, offers for free conversations, and offers for free resources every single day of the week.  I’ll be honest with you, sometimes I gratefully accept the offers and sometimes I decline. And, when I look at the offer, I often ask the question “What’s the catch?”  I wonder if the experience will be helpful or a waste of my time, if I’ll make a real connection with the person who made the offer or if I’m just another ‘potential’ client or customer.

I also wonder if my fear, concern or skepticism prevents me from taking advantage of a gift that could be really helpful.

How do you respond to free offers? What do you consider? How do you decide where you will invest your time and energy?

freeMy FREE OFFER, a gift to you, is still available. I’d like to introduce you to Your Sacred Money Archetype because I believe it can help you get a handle on your finances and relieve your stress and anxiety around money. This is a F-R.E.E! 30 minute Meet Your Money Sacred Archetype conversation. No catch. Just someone who has some great information to share so you can live a more successful and prosperous life. Get in touch with me at  Let’s talk!

TODAY’S TIP: Take advantage of a FREE OFFER that will inspire you, encourage you or support you in experiencing prosperity and success!  Have a FREE Thursday!

Keep the Momentum Going

Yesterday I had you check-in with your happiness-o-meter.  How did that go for you? What did you learn about happiness in your life? It went so well for me I’ve decided to keep the momentum going and deem today ON-TRACK TUESDAY!

What I learned from yesterday’s exercise is that I have a tendency to have happiness ups and downs and large portions of gray areas, plateaus or times when I’m not aware or paying attention. And, I learned that that’s OK! It’s the way I function.

Another thing I realized is that I have had a story about happiness, learned from my earliest days on this earth, that has had a major impact on the happiness in my life. My happiness story taught me that it’s important to parcel happiness out because there’s only so much to go around. The theme is something like this: “Happiness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You can’t be happy forever. You’ve got to pay your dues. Don’t get too happy, because it’s gonna be really hard to deal with it when it’s gone.” So, as I thought it about happiness yesterday, I realized I’ve been afraid to truly embrace it because I DON’T WANT TO LOSE IT! I’m afraid it won’t last!  That was a profound revelation for me. Instead of choosing to live in happiness, I think I’ve been pushing it away and living in fear! And when I do experience happiness, I make sure (sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously) that it’s only in little bits and pieces because then it might last longer and won’t be so bad when it’s gone.

And — here’s the REALLY profound connection and learning for me — this has shown up in other areas of my business and my life, too! It’s been the kind of relationship I’ve had with money, success, leadership, and in relationships.

EXCITING NEWS: I’m experiencing huge changes for the better in my business and life because I’m choosing something better! Not only are BIG shifts in my awareness and behaviors relating to the happiness factor in my life taking place, I’m also seeing BIG changes in my relationship with money. Now that I know the story that’s governed my understanding and experience of happiness, I’m writing a new one that has already resulted in greater happiness in my business and life and around issues related to money! I’m using the gifts of my Sacred Money Archetype, which is a model that exhibits particular patterns of behavior, to help me take control, plug my money leaks, tame my fears, end my struggle and stand in my power around money and money issues. As a result I’m generating more income and experiencing more freedom, happiness, and fun in my business and my life.

MORE EXCITING NEWS! To keep my momentum going, I would love to offer you the opportunity to explore your Sacred Money Archetype!  If you’re stressed out about money, tired of not generating the income you want and ready for something different and better in your life when it comes to money, get in touch with me at

TODAY’S TIP: Keep the momentum going and your happiness growing today! Build on what you learned from checking in with your happiness-o-meter yesterday. And —- if you want to have a happier relationship with money and have more of it show up in your life, get in touch with me ( to discover the ways your Sacred Money Archetype can help you make that happen! Have an ON-TRACK for more happiness TUESDAY!

Sacred Selfishness

My post is a bit late today because I invested the morning on the phone with my friend, mentor and brilliant coach, Darla Powell Phillips. We set aside some time to talk about sacred selfishness and what that looks like (or doesn’t) in my life andmask resize my business. Simply stated, Sacred Selfishness is putting your oxygen mask on first. (If you’ve ever flown on a commercial airline, you’ll recall that the pre-flight preparation always includes the following: If you are traveling with a child and the oxygen masks drop down from the overhead compartment, put YOUR mask on FIRST.)

Sacred Selfishness is investing the time it takes to refill, replenish, restore, revive, and renew your joy, your bliss, and your spirit.  When I’m struggling, frustrated, frantic, overwhelmed, or confused and I feel like my business is going nowhere or my life is just crapola, it’s a safe bet that I have not practiced Sacred Selfishness. I’ve shared, spent, given away, or leaked a large portion of my fabulous, creative life-giving energy and brilliant gifts and my spirit is depleted. I’m crabby, mean, critical, unhappy, exhausted, short-tempered and just plain miserable.

How do you practice Sacred Selfishness? What do you do to refill, replenish, restore, revive and renew your spirit? Do you take time daily, weekly, monthly, yearly?  Do you pamper yourself?  Do you have a routine? Do you schedule time regularly?  If you took a quick snapshot of your life, in what percentage of your day are you living joyfully, going through the motions or struggling? If the highest percentage isn’t in living joyfully, I’m betting it’s time for some Sacred Selfishness.

TODAY’S TIP:  Practice Sacred Selfishness today. Let me know what you did and how it felt!  Have a Sacredly Selfish Thursday!

Jeans #4 “C” for Success

Here we are, smack-dab in the middle of our 7 “C’s” for success.  How appropriate, I think, that my #4 C for Success is

Why is that appropriate?  Because I think the thing that tips the scale from dreaming, imagining and wanting to grow a prosperous, successful business and living the life that you want and actually doing it, is commitment.

If we head to the commitment-o-meter right now and you ranked your commitment to successfully growing your business or making your dreams a reality on a scale of one to ten (10 means you’re fully, completely, 100% committed), COMMITMENTwhere would you be?  If you’re at a ten — GOOD FOR YOU! You’re probably on top of things, excited about what’s happening in your business and your life, and taking consistent action to move forward.  If you’re less than a ten, here’s something to think about: what’s one thing in your life that you were (or are) 100% committed to?  How do you know?

Your commitment to your success means that you will absolutely, positively do anything it takes to accomplish your goals.  If you’re not at a 10 on the commitment-o-meter, what’s getting in your way?  Are you clear about what your want?  Do you have the courage to take action?  Is it time to make a change in your thoughts, attitudes or behaviors?

TODAY’S TIP:  Rate your commitment to your success on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being 100% committed).  If you’re less than a “10”, re-read the posts on clarity, courage and change.  Have a COMMITTED Friday!

Jean’s #3 “C” for Success

Jean’s #3 “C” for success: CHANGE.

Although I’m not 100% sure who said it (some sources attribute it to Henry Ford), my favorite quote related to the #3 C for Success is : “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”  Sooooo true!Change2

Here’s an equation I use to make a change:

If you’re going to do something different, you’ve first got to be aware of what you’re currently doing, feeling and thinking.  Then you make a shift.

ChangeThe question is, where do you start when you’re ready to change? Do you change your thoughts?  Do you change your attitude?  Do you change your behavior? For me the resounding answer is “YES”! Start anywhere! Change your attitude or the way you feel, and there’s a good chance your thinking will change and you’ll find yourself behaving differently. Or, shift your thoughts, change what you’re thinking about and your attitude may change and you’ll be more inclined to do something different. Or, do something different and it’s likely your thoughts and attitude will be altered in some way.

The key when making a change is to focus on what you want (which takes us back to our #1 “C” — Clarity!) so your attitudes, thoughts and behaviors are all directed toward your goals and dreams.

TODAY’S TIP:  Focus on your dreams and goals and change an attitude, thought or behavior that will move you closer to reaching them!  Have a changed Thursday!

7 C’s of Success – Take 2!

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you may recall that last week at this time I planned to do a week-long series on success.  I had started the series before I left on a four-day trip with the intention of finishing up the posts and getting them online when I returned.  However, while I was away, I learned of the bombings at the Boston Marathon and then on Wednesday the horrific explosion occurred in West, Texas.  With those two incidents in mind, I chose to shift my focus elsewhere for the remainder of the week.

jeanmorehouse_workbookcoverAs we launch into a new week, I’m ready to start again. Sometimes I think success is exactly like that.  You decide what you want to do. You get started.  Things don’t go as planned. You take a little break. You re-evaluate.  And, you start again.  You know, that sounds just like my P.I.E.S. (Plan, Implement, Evaluate, and get Support) Business Breakthrough Kit!  If you’re ready to do something different to grow your business or change your life for the better, stop by my website, get your FREE copy of P.I.E.S. and get started.

And be sure to read Tips for Success in Business and Life tomorrow when I’ll be re-launching my 7 C’s of Success series.

Have a marvelous Monday!

TODAY’S TIP:  Stop by, pick up your FREE copy of my P.I.E.S. (Plan, Implement, Evaluate, and get Support) Business Breakthrough Kit and take action so you can grow a successful and prosperous business and live the life you truly want to live!

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