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What’s the catch?

catchHow many FREE offers do you receive a day in your email box? I haven’t counted recently, but I’m pretty sure I receive at least ten a day.  Because of what I do as a coach, I’m on LOTS of e-mailing lists.  I receive newsletters, offers for teleclasses, offers for free conversations, and offers for free resources every single day of the week.  I’ll be honest with you, sometimes I gratefully accept the offers and sometimes I decline. And, when I look at the offer, I often ask the question “What’s the catch?”  I wonder if the experience will be helpful or a waste of my time, if I’ll make a real connection with the person who made the offer or if I’m just another ‘potential’ client or customer.

I also wonder if my fear, concern or skepticism prevents me from taking advantage of a gift that could be really helpful.

How do you respond to free offers? What do you consider? How do you decide where you will invest your time and energy?

freeMy FREE OFFER, a gift to you, is still available. I’d like to introduce you to Your Sacred Money Archetype because I believe it can help you get a handle on your finances and relieve your stress and anxiety around money. This is a F-R.E.E! 30 minute Meet Your Money Sacred Archetype conversation. No catch. Just someone who has some great information to share so you can live a more successful and prosperous life. Get in touch with me at  Let’s talk!

TODAY’S TIP: Take advantage of a FREE OFFER that will inspire you, encourage you or support you in experiencing prosperity and success!  Have a FREE Thursday!


Fun With Money

American Dollars Falling from the SkyCan we talk about your money for a few minutes?

What happened when you read that question? Did you get excited, nervous, anxious? Did your heart rate increase? Did you feel yourself tighten up?

Money is such an important and prevalent part of all of our lives, yet I think it’s one of the least talked about. Money takes the blame for a lack of happiness or success and often gets the credit for happiness and success. We have a love/hate relationship with money. Money triggers our emotions. We may not know it or admit it, but we all have a relationship of some kind with our money. It can symbolize caring, power, control and freedom and it can be a major bone of contention. And, many of us are really uncomfortable discussing money.

What would it be like for you if you could give up worrying about money and start having fun with it? What might happen if instead of money conversations triggering anxiety, fear, frustration, and resentment, your money conversations created new, more powerful and positive thoughts and emotions?

If you’re ready to end your money anxiety and fear and become the empowered financial leader of your business and your life, get in touch with me at I want to have a FUN conversation about money with you and introduce you to your very own Sacred Money Archetypes!  Your Sacred Money Archetypes help you understand what drives and motivates you and they lift up both your gifts and your challenges around money. Knowing and embracing your Sacred Money Archetypes can help you take control of your finances and speak with courage, clarity and compassion about money so you can live into your full potential! This F-R.E.E! 30 minute conversation could change your business and your life FOR THE BETTER! Contact me today at to schedule your F-R.E.E! Meet Your Sacred Money Archetype conversation.

TODAY’S TIP: Talk about money. Have a conversation with someone you trust about your gifts and challenges around money and take courageous action toward handling one of your challenges with grace and ease. AND — contact me at to schedule a F-R.E.E! 30 minute Meet Your Sacred Money Archetype conversation!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

OK — what the heck is an archetype?

Yesterday I posted an exciting offer for a F.R.E.E. gift.  I offered to help you discover your Sacred Money Archetype if you’re interested in generating more income or growing your bank account.  I had a couple of folks contact me and ask “What’s an archetype?” so I thought I’d take a minute and explain what I’m talking about.

Archetypes are universal models, ideals and patterns of behavior.  Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, used archetypes as a way to understand the unconscious lens through which we experience and react to the world.  (Feel free to do a Google search to get more information.) Many people have built on or expanded his work through the years. My mentor, Kendall Summerhawk, has taken a look at archetypes through the lens of our relationship with money. She has identified eight different archetypes that reflect the ways in which we interact with and think about money. They are (in no particular order), the Accumulator, the Ruler, the Romantic, the Celebrity, the Maverick, the Nurturer, the Connector and the Alchemist.  Each of us has pieces of all of the archetypes, however, for the most part, there are generally 2-3 that specifically “fit” us better than the others.

The Sacred Money Archetypes are a helpful and fun way to take a look at behaviors and thoughts that serve or support our dreams and goals and to identify those behaviors and thoughts that probably are NOT as helpful or supportive, especially when it comes to money!

So, if you’re interested in learning which Sacred Money Archetype most influences the way you handle your money or finances, be sure to contact me so we can schedule your F.R.E.E. MEET YOUR SACRED MONEY ARCHETYPE conversation!

TODAY’S TIP:  Consider one area of your finances (income, expenditures, bank balance, investments, etc.) you’d like to improve.  Which archetype do you think best describes the way in which you experience money in your life?  Contact me ( and let’s see if you’re correct!

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