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Lifelong Learning

As a person who was born with a keen sense of curiosity, each day seems filled with possibilities for learning somethingLifeTeachers new. From how the brain works to a deeper understanding of how an engine works, to meeting a new person or reading a new book, to learning how to wire a fence to make it hot or trying a new crafting technique, I love to learn.

That’s why I’m thrilled that I have some fantastic teachers eating breakfast in the field just outside my window.  Although they can’t teach me about how an engine works, how to bake a better cake or how to repair the plumbing, my horses are consummate professionals as they teach me about leadership, building relationships and self development. I feel incredibly fortunate and blessed that these teachers lead me along paths of self-discovery and enlightenment every single day. They have helped me become a more patient and caring person with others as well as myself. And, they challenge me each day to not only step up and be the leader of my own life, but to continue to move beyond what I know, to keep trying new things and to learn and grow while being fully present and enjoying each moment.

TODAY’S TIP: Learn something new (join us for Happy Hour with Jean to learn something new about “Successful Networking!” – REGISTER HERE) and have a TREMENDOUS Tuesday!


A Beautiful Day at the Ranch!

ImageAhh….how I love a summer day in the 70’s with a cool breeze and a cloudless sky! Have taken care of feeding, turning the horses out and mucking the pens and am now enjoying a nice cup of coffee and writing this blog while hanging out on the porch.

While doing the morning chores listed earlier, I’ve simultaneously been ‘working’ on my business, by contemplating new programs, considering the things that went well this week and those things that might have gone better, and envisioning the Mid-Year Boost Your Business Tune-Ups and the Happy Hour with Jean telecalls that are on the horizon.

I also reflected on what a Successful Saturday would look like for me. I am so grateful that I have this beautiful setting that encourages and inspires me to fully embrace and live into the person I was created to be!

If you’d like to get out of your ordinary routine and enjoy what I call some HorsePlay for Success with me here at the ranch, get in touch with me at  You, too, will be inspired, challenged and energized for success and prosperity!

By the way, It’s gonna be a GREAT weekend for riding so if you do try to get in touch with me today, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you Monday!

TODAY’S TIP: Have a successful Saturday!

Get Out…….

AppleTreeComplete that statement:  Get out……..

Get out of here!
Get out of the box!
Get outside!
Get out of your office!
Get out of the car!
Any other ways you can complete the phrase?

ClimatisAll of those statements mean the same thing to me: shake things up and GET OUT — move your body!  Every day is an opportunity to reconnect with the healing power of nature and restore the amazing powers of the mind and body.  Do you take advantage of this incredible opportunity which  is so simple, costs nothing and has the ability to have such a positive impact on your life?

Here are my top 3 reasons to GET OUT!
1.  It helps me relax which leads to greater creativity.
SweetWill2.  It clears my head of clutter which results in great clarity and helps me refocus on what I truly want.
3.  It’s just DARNED FUN!!  When I’ve worked myself into a frenzy about what I didn’t do, what I need to do and what I should be doing and I’m feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, I know it’s time to take a break! I’m always amazed at how spending time outside mowing the lawn, gardening, blowing bubbles, playing with my horses, fishing, walking in the grass with my shoes off, blowing dandelion puffs into the wind or just sitting on a bench and taking in some fresh air restores and re-energizes me.

If you’d like to read a excellent article about the benefits of getting outside, including some great links to studies that illuminate the benefits of spending time in nature, CLICK HERE.

And….THANK YOU! to Mind In Motion for sharing this article!

TODAY’S TIP: Get outside and reap the benefits of reconnecting with nature.  Have a FANTABULOUS FRIDAY!

No Gum or Lip Balm

LipBalmIt’s that time of year at my house.  That special “No Gum or Lip Balm” time of year when the horses shed their fuzzy winter coats.  No matter what I do, when I come back into the house each day, I have hair on my jacket, my pants, my gloves and, often times, in my mouth.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could shed those behaviors, thoughts and actions that no longer serve us that easily?  We could get out our brushes and just get rid of ’em!  We’d be smooth and sleek and no longer fuzzy around the edges.  We’d be clear about where we want to go with our businesses and our lives and we’d know the very next step to take to get there.

If you could, what would you brush off?  How would you sharpen your fuzzy edges and move closer to the success and prosperity you’re dreaming of?

By the way, remember to stand with your back to the wind as you’re brushing, too!

TODAY’S TIP:  Shed a behavior, thought, or action that’s keeping you from being clear about the success and prosperity you want in your business and your life.  Have a great Saturday!

Approach and Retreat

Last week and through yesterday, I posted one way you can live into your dreams. You start with your vision. You do a double-check to be sure it’s actually your vision and that you’re excited, passionate and committed to making it happen. You take action. You assess how that action supported your vision or maybe how it didn’t and what you learned from the experience. And, you celebrate. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the process is one of those “rinse-and-repeat” things. After the celebration, go back and start again by revisiting your vision. Confirm that it’s absolutely the way you want to go or make any necessary adjustments. Take action. Assess. Celebrate. Repeat.

My horses have taught me this helpful method and I practice it every day. It’s called approach and retreat. When my horse and I are learning a new task or we come in contact with something that’s out of the ordinary and scary for the horse, I pay attention. When the horse says, “STOP! I don’t want to go any closer!”, I’ve learned to back up or walk completely away. We’ll relax or do something that’s fun and easy, then head right back to the scary thing. Sometimes we can walk right up to it on the second try and other times we can only move one step closer before we have to retreat, regroup and try again.

I think the same is true with our dreams. Living successfully into our dreams is fun, exciting, and even scary. If we’re truly making our dreams a reality, we’re moving into unknown territory. We’re doing things we’ve never done. We’re meeting people we’ve never met. We’re going places we’ve never been. So, use approach and retreat. Recognize when you encounter that scary place. Retreat and re-charge by taking time to do something that’s fun and builds your self-confidence. Try again. And, when your dream does become reality, ENJOY! and dream a new dream.

TODAY’S TIP:  Do something to build your self-confidence today and then take action that will move you toward making your dream a reality.

The sun has been out and the snow has finally started melting!  When we have these lovely, warm, early spring days, it’s not unusual to see the horses basking in the sun and drinkin’ in the rays.

Takin' a break in the sun

Takin’ a break in the sun

A living reminder of TODAY’S TIP:  Schedule some time to give yourself a break!  Take a cat-nap in the sun, stand-up and stretch, go for a 10 minute walk, immerse yourself in some meditation time or do something else that will refresh you.  ENJOY!

What a Difference……

The herd enjoying the snowSunday was a beautiful day here.  The sun was shining.  Temperatures were in the upper thirties.  I was able to enjoy a ride in the snowy pasture.  The horses were working on their tans.

Then 48 hours later, it’s Snowmageddon #2 in the winter of 2013.  I checked three different weather forecasts to get a sense of what to expect.  Let’s just say the one that indicated we could get 3-5″ of snow Monday evening and possibly 1-2″ this morning was a little off.  When I went to feed the horses a couple of hours ago, I trudged through hip-high snow drifts (that would be 25″ mounds of snow) in 30 mile per hour winds.  Looks to me like the ones who predicted 12-16″ of snow were lots closer to getting it right.Breakfast at the snowy buffet

When you think about what you want to achieve, what have you done in the past 48 hours that moved you closer to your goals?  What will you do in the next 48 hours?

TODAY’S TIP:  Do something that will make a positive difference and move you closer to living the life you truly want.

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