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Your Heart Energy

How often during the day do you check in with your ‘heart energy’? Are you attuned to that amazing organ in your chestheartresize that not only gives you life, but also reflects your experiences and feelings?  You know what I’m talking about — how when you’re joyously happy, you feel like your heart is singing or when you are feeling really sad and depressed it feels like a rock or when you’re terrified, it feels like it’s either stuck in your throat or trying to thump its way out of your chest!

Your heart is a real-time indicator of the joy in your life. Pay attention to those times when your heart is singing and do what you can to have more of that (whatever it is that’s making your heart sing) in your life!

TODAY’S TIP: Have a heart-felt Thursday and post some of the things that make your heart sing below!



Sun and Cirrus Clouds --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisWhat will you do with today?
+ Hug your family
+ Smile a lot
+ Get some fresh air
+ Relax
+ Have fun
+ Feel happy
+ Connect with interesting people
+ Grow your business
+ Share your love
+ Do something toward making your dreams a reality?

Your day, your choice.

TODAY’S TIP: Invest your energy in living a fantastic day!  Happy Wednesday!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all the mom’s out there a Happy Mother’s Day!  If you’re a mom, do you have any fond memories of Mother’s Days past?  As a child, do you remember doing anything special for your mom?

I loved to get my mother an orchid corsage to wear to church on Mother’s Day.  She’d ‘make a fuss’ as they say, when my sisters and I would give it to her and then pin it on to her dress and wear it to church.  After church, we’d make the 30 minute drive to her mother’s house where her siblings and my cousins would gather to share a meal.

The memories of Mother’s Days celebrated with my children, who are all grown and married and who now have blessed me with four grandchildren, are fond recollections of breakfast in bed and specially-chosen or hand-made Mother’s Day cards.  I had delicious pancakes, juice, cereal, milk, coffee and fruit all served with love and then everyone climbed into bed to watch me open the cards, ‘make a fuss’ and enjoy every bite of my delicious breakfast!
Happy Mother’s Day, mom! Even though I’m not able to be with you today, I’m sending lots of love your way.

TODAY’S TIP:  Share love and laughs and create a memorable Mother’s Day with your family and friends. Have a SPECTACULAR SUNDAY!


treasureI hope you’ll enjoy this wonderful Facebook post that I received yesterday from my friend and mentor, Barbara Winter. It’s a snippet of life with her grandson. And, I’m sending out a big THANK YOU! to her for allowing me to share it with you:

“That was a lively visit. Zachy emptied my silverware chest, filled it up with things from the bathroom counter, and hid it. Then I, wearing the headlamp from his detective gear, was enlisted to find the missing treasure. We had several rounds of this and each time he acted as if he’d never seen the wonders we uncovered before. I love this kid!”

What does that story say to you or do for you?  How does it speak to success and prosperity in your business and/or your life? This brief, five sentence recollection inspired me to claim some jewels (hmmmm — perhaps in a missing treasure box?) that definitely add sparkle to my business and my life.  I found at least four gems I can use to live into my own success and prosperity EVERY DAY!

PLAY!  Instead of tedious to-do lists, how can I PLAY while I’m building my business and living a prosperous life?  Where’s the fun?

DELIGHT  IN EVERYDAY LIFE!  What wonders of everyday life am I overlooking in my busy-ness?  What can I see with a ‘different’ eye? What delights my senses, makes me smile, makes my heart sing, brings me joy?

TEAMWORK!  Who do I want on my team and on whose team will I participate fully and with abandon?

LOVE!  How can I express love in every aspect of my life — with myself, with others, with my business or career, with my money?

What gems did you find in this little story?

TODAY’S TIP: Experience PLAY, DELIGHT, TEAMWORK, and LOVE in your business and your life today and take a moment to share what happened for you! Have a FABULOUS AND FUN Friday!


I had a few days away from the computer in the past week visiting wonderful friends and celebrating the organization of a new church congregation, Woyatan Lutheran Church, in Rapid City, SD.  Western South Dakota is one of my favorite places.  The beauty and spirit of the Black Hills, the Badlands and the people who live there feeds and nourishes my soul.

In preparation for the trip, and thanks to the wonders of technological scheduling, I wrote several days worth of posts before I left.  I thought it would be a good time to start a week-long series about success.  I wrote the first two pieces and was planning to get back from the trip and continue on for the rest of the week.  Unfortunately, in the interim, we had the bombings at the Boston Marathon and then, last evening, the horrendous incident in West, Texas.

In light of this, I’m going to take a bit of editorial liberty and resume the success series next week.  Although I did not personally know anyone affected by the bombings in Boston or, thus far, am unaware that I have connections with those touched by the disaster in Texas, I do know that my heart is aching right now for everyone who has been affected or knows someone affected by what’s happened this past week.

Again we are reminded of the fragility of life.  Take time today to relish in the joys and challenges in your life and share some love with all those you encounter today.

TODAY’S TIP:  Pray for strength, grace, compassion, healing and peace in your own heart, in your family, in your community and in the world.   Have a love-filled Thursday.


Did you know there are only 258 days left until National Regifting Day 2013?  I say, “WHY WAIT!” According to Wikipedia, regifting is “taking a gift that’s been received and giving it to someone else, sometimes in the guise of a new gift.”  (There’s more to Wikipedia’s definition, of course, but that sentence is all I need for today!)

What gifts have you received that you could give to someone else today?  Whether it’s physical ‘stuff’ or those ‘intangibles’ (a smile, compassion, love, patience, kindness, joy, listening, attention, a hug, a minute, etc., etc., etc.) I think we all have gifts that we can share every day, 365 days a year.

Let me know what you’re regifting today.

TODAY’S TIP:  Regift!  Share something you’ve received with someone else.  Have a fabulous Friday!

So, what do you do?

questionmark2I’ve had a few folks ask me this at various gatherings recently. If you’re in the coaching profession, you’re encouraged to put together a 30 second ‘elevator pitch’ so it just takes a moment to convey to folks what it is you do.  A wonderful friend, mentor and coach, Darla Powell Phillips, helped me encapsulate what I do in one sentence:

I help people change their “I don’t knows…..” to “LET’S GET STARTED!”

Here are some examples:

  • I want to grow my business, but I just don’t know where to start.
  • I have no problem making money, I just don’t know how to quit spending everything that comes in.
  • I’ve written a book and I want to get it out to the world, but I don’t know how to make that happen.
  • I’d love to have a better relationship with my husband, but I don’t know what I can do to bring us closer together.
  • I’m sick of being dumped on at work, but I don’t know how to stand up for myself without making my supervisor angry and I don’t want to lose my job.
  • I’m tired of the money drama in my life, worrying about paying the bills and whether my credit cards will go through when I’m buying something, but I don’t know how to change things for the better.
  • I’d love to start a new business venture, but the list of things to do is so overwhelming, I don’t know what to do first.
  • I feel like there’s more to life, but I don’t know how to get what I really want so I just keep going through the motions day after day.

Did you see yourself or someone you know in those statements?  If so, contact me.  I’d like to talk with you about your “I don’t know…” so you, too, can make the shift to “LET’S GET STARTED!”

TODAY’S TIP:  Identify one place in your life – health, relationships, work, money, spirituality – where you know you’d like to  make an improvement or a change for the better and find someone to support you so you can get started!   Enjoy your day!

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